Friday, August 6, 2010

Evening Walk

     Boo really enjoyed our walk yesterday.  Although we didn't walk far, he could see better than usual and wanted pictures of his favorites.  We saw llantana, wisteria and lavender---and Boudreaux who thought stalking Boo was a good way to protect him.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Long Overdue Post

Talking to Boudreaux

     Boo continues to make progress in many areas.  It is a very up and down progression however.  On his good days, he carries on conversations with only a little effort, can follow a thought to its logical conclusion and incorporates his usual dry wit into conversations.  On his less than wonderful days, he is easily overwhelmed and does best in very familiar surroundings with things kept on an even keel.  On those days, he may try to initiate conversations.  Generally, he only responds to questions and has difficulty following conversations.
     This summer physical endurance has become an issue that we have yet to resolve.  Boo will take walks of 1 to 4 blocks in the morning or late evening most days.  He seems to enjoy the scenery, but not have the energy to continue.  I've added soy protein shakes to his diet twice a day hoping that extra protein will lessen muscle loss and eventually increase his stamina.  Boo really likes the shakes and they don't raise his blood sugar.  He seems less easily tired on our walks this week, but this is only the third week he's had these shakes.  We'll keep using the shakes and anything else I can think of to try.
     One thing that we've tried that has made a tremendous difference is adding a kitten to our household.  While I've never known Boo to be fond of cats, he is quite attached to Boudreaux.  Boudreaux is about five to five and a half months old and very responsive to Boo.  Now, when I cook, take out the trash or do routine things around the house Boo is content with Boudreaux near him.  Several times at night when Boo has gotten confused and decided to walk around, Boudreaux has awakened me.  He is definitely worth his kibble!