Monday, June 20, 2011

Break Time

Earlier this month.  He was in desperate need of a haircut!
     I know it's been too long since I've posted.  Somehow life seems to have a way of interfering with my best laid plans.
     Boo was hospitalized for a few days after one of his BP medications was omitted.  He's taking it again and his BP has responded.  We are taking a break from trying to reduce his BP meds right now.  He began losing some kidney function according to blood tests.  So, one of his diabetic medications was discontinued and a different one begun.  His BP and glucose levels are great!  I can't monitor his kidney function as well at home.  At his next doctor's appointment, his kidney function test will be repeated. 
     Boo's appetite has returned!  He is on a 2,000 calorie low salt, carb conscious, diabetic diet.  I use a spreadsheet to keep track of his sodium, carbohydrate and calorie intake daily.  It's become second nature now, though at first it seemed very regimented.  I keep a tray of raw veggies in the fridge with dip that he can eat anytime.  Fresh fruits I hide.  He'll eat every one in the house in one sitting if not monitored---and that plays havoc with his blood sugar.
     We have been attending Sacred Heart regularly.  At Boo's doctor's suggestion, Boo and I sit on the front row.  Being closer to the front helps him to focus and keeps him from seeing all the people present.  Father John comes over to give Boo communion before the other communicants and comes to bless him at the end.  Boo seems to be very comfortable with that routine.  Yesterday he actually talked to some of the parishioners as we were leaving!  He's never done that willing before and I haven't pushed him.  Sacred Heart is such a loving, welcoming community that I'm glad he's responding positively.  He definitely enjoys going to Mass.
     I probably won't be posting as regularly for three to four weeks.  I have a few health issues and I need to work out a treatment plan AND ease Boo into a new, hopefully brief, routine.  I will try to post when I can.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Another Power Outage

     For the second time in five days we've lost all power for several hours.  This first time was in the daytime and, while it did get hot, Boo managed the disruption quite well.  Because Boo is listed as disabled with the electric company, someone from the company calls with regular updates on the outage, someone comes to the house if the outage is more than an hour and a half to make physical contact and offer appropriate services (use of a generator, an ice chest with water and transportation to the emergency room or an air conditioned shelter).  I was impressed with their diligence.
      Last night the power went out again.  Once again, the electric company made repeated contact and offered services.  I thought everything was going well.  Boo had eaten dinner, bathed, was dressed for bed and very calm.  He went to bed with no problem and slept---at least I thought he was sleeping.  I stepped out on the back stoop to give one of our elderly neighbors batteries for their flashlight.  Boo got out of bed and walked out the front door with his rolling walker.  (How did he manage to open the front door?  It isn't easy.  How did he manage to get out the door so quietly?)  However he did it, he was out alone in the dark and I panicked!  Boo was safely found four doors from our house sitting on his rolling walker beside the Methodist church---by a utility worker who stayed with him until I got there.  Boo was on his way to Mom's house because he thought she had power.  We were given a ride to Mom's house where  Boo was checked by EMTs.  He was fine.  (That made one of us, I was a basketcase.)  Boo ate a snack and went to sleep in a recliner.  I have had enough power outages to last the rest of the summer. 
     Today Boo is calm, alert and happy.  He doesn't have clear memories of last night.  Some days and nights are more interesting than others.  I'm voting for less interesting days and nights for a while!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Difficult Wednesday

     Wednesday was one of Boo's more difficult days.  I woke Boo, went through our usual morning routine and made sure he was ready for a routine visit to his primary care doctor.  He complained that his legs felt weak, but seemed to walk normally---albeit more slowly than usual.  By the time Boo saw the doctor, he was obviously walking very slowly and complaining that his knees and legs felt weak.  His doctor eliminated another medication and examined him.  (OK, not in that order.)  Because Boo didn't want to be admitted to the hospital for observation, we went home with orders to report to the hospital immediately if his leg weakness worsened or if it had not improved this morning.  Boo slept Wednesday afternoon, woke for supper and a western, slept again until time for his bedtime medication, talked to Boudreaux for a little while and slept all night. 
     This morning Boo woke and did some gentle stretching exercises, ate breakfast and took his medication.  Then he announced that he was taking a walk before it got too hot.  I called one of my cousins to ensure that she'd be able to bring us back home if Boo overestimated his abilities.  Boo walked four blocks with no problems.  He did walk more slowly than usual.  Just what was going on yesterday?  I really don't know.  All I know for sure is that things seem to be back to normal.

Visit to Primary Care Doctor

     Yesterday Boo had a rough day.  After several weeks of few, if any, mobility problems, Boo had major issues standing and walking.  He kept telling me that his knees and legs felt weak.  He had a regularly scheduled visit to his primary care doctor yesterday