Friday, March 30, 2012

Visit to Doctor

We took an unexpected trip to Boo's doctor's office today.  Boo hasn't been eating well the last few days and has been rather confused in the evening.  His BP and glucose readings have been within normal parameters, but slightly higher than usual.  Of course, his family doctor is on vacation, so we saw someone different.  Boo was quite unimpressed and reacted as he often does when he's unsettled by change.  He refused to speak.  Finally a nurse he recognized came in and he responded to her questions.  He does have a slight infection which is being treated.  If Boo is still not eating well and confused on Tuesday, we'll go back.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Homemade Yogurt

Boo is happy today. I made homemade yogurt last night. We have four pints of sugar free cherry pineapple yogurt and three of plain. He has had yogurt twice today and really wants more. Maybe if he is restless during the night...

Lately Boo has had a major sweet tooth. I've had to really scramble to satisfy his appetite. I've served whole wheat pancakes with added protein powder, cranberry oat muffins, sugar free milkshakes and blueberry bran breakfast cookies. When this phase is over, I'll be glad. Ensuring that he has adequate vegetables and protein daily has been a challenge. Still I am grateful that he is interested in eating.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Spring has sprung.

Boo enjoying this beautiful day---and in desperate need of a shave.

     Boo enjoyed a quiet time outside this afternoon.  He took a short walk, seemed interested in the greening of the plants and then tolerated a chapter from A Wrinkle in Time before heading inside.  Inside, he rested while listening to classical music.  

Monday, March 19, 2012

Born Free Night

     Last night Boo and Boudreaux watched Born Free on TCM.  Both seemed fascinated by all the animals.  Boo repeatedly told Boudreaux to, "Look, you'll like this!"  Boudreaux would generally glance at the TV from his perch on Boo's lap.  Boudreaux disliked the scenes with Elsa riding on top of the jeep. (I guess no good could possibly come from being in or around a vehicle in a cat's mind.)  Boo continually assured Boudreaux that we'd never turn him out or make him ride on top of a car. 
     This morning we had thunderstorms and it was Boudreaux's turn to reassure Boo that he was safe.  When Boo heard thunder, he cried out and Boudreaux would come running and allow Boo to hold him, squeeze him and rub his fur the wrong way.  Even with all Boudreaux's help, Boo still needed medication to get through the storm.  I guess this means we won't be taking an afternoon walk.  Maybe tomorrow...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How to Take a Nap

Pat Boudreaux and listen to an audio book.

Finally sleep least for one of the two.
I told Boo I wanted to take some photos of him doing some things he enjoys. I was thinking more along the lines of walking outside, sitting on the deck or talking with friends.  He wanted to take nap.  He called Boudreaux, told him it was time for a nap and Boudreaux jumped into his spot.  Boudreaux stayed with Boo in just this spot for an hour. Then, he curled up at Boo's feet.  Always the loyal feline!