Monday, March 19, 2012

Born Free Night

     Last night Boo and Boudreaux watched Born Free on TCM.  Both seemed fascinated by all the animals.  Boo repeatedly told Boudreaux to, "Look, you'll like this!"  Boudreaux would generally glance at the TV from his perch on Boo's lap.  Boudreaux disliked the scenes with Elsa riding on top of the jeep. (I guess no good could possibly come from being in or around a vehicle in a cat's mind.)  Boo continually assured Boudreaux that we'd never turn him out or make him ride on top of a car. 
     This morning we had thunderstorms and it was Boudreaux's turn to reassure Boo that he was safe.  When Boo heard thunder, he cried out and Boudreaux would come running and allow Boo to hold him, squeeze him and rub his fur the wrong way.  Even with all Boudreaux's help, Boo still needed medication to get through the storm.  I guess this means we won't be taking an afternoon walk.  Maybe tomorrow...

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