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We are Catholic Christians on a journey into the unknown world of life after stroke, of learning to handle Boo's changing physical and mental abilities, of finding creative ways to foster Boo's independence and, most of all, loving God, each other and our family

When we married in 2009, Boo had already had one stroke a year and a half earlier.  As a result of that stroke, he was declared legally blind.  There were a few other minor issues that his doctors assured us could be handled.  Less than two months after Boo and I married, Boo had a second stroke with more debilitating effects.  Then, several months later he had a third stroke---in a doctor's office on his first visit.  Talk about making a lasting impression!

Originally I began this blog as an efficient way to communicate with Boo's extended family in Louisiana and I certainly plan to continue doing that.  In the process of writing, I have discovered a wonderful, supportive online community.  So this blog is emerging.  Join us on the journey!



Boudreaus, Boo's wonderful cat

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  1. I am so blessed to have found your precious blog. My husband Eddie and I have been married since April 6th 1985.I have really bad type 1 diabetes. I had several mini strokes last year, and then on Labor Day last year, I had a big stroke. The stroke happened in the back of my brain, there is still a 100% blocked artery in the back of my brain. I am also legally blind. My husband and I will both turn 49 years old this year. Me in November, and Eddie in December.We will be praying for you, and your dear husband. Sending you love, hugs, and prayers.