Monday, April 26, 2010

Lovely Day for a Walk

     This has been a beautiful day, cool and slightly breezy.  Boo and I went for a ten minute walk this morning. He stopped and played with my sister's dog, Daisy May.  Daisy May seems to know not to get under his feet when he's walking.  She waited very patiently this morning for Boo to throw her toy.  Great exercise for both of them! 
     The more I am able to work Boo's occupational and physical therapy exercises into our daily routine, the more receptive he is.  We "dance" the side step and the backward shuffle across the front porch every day to various folk songs.  As long as we call it dancing and I dance too, he's a happy participant.  The same exercises done alone or without music aren't nearly as appealing. I do need to work on my music selections however.  I don't care for them.
     One area we need to tackle is conversation.  Boo will talk to me and to our immediate family with relative ease.  Many times it takes a while for him to remember a word, but he still jumps in and has his say.  Around others, its a different story.  He seldom contributes anything.  Do the conversations move too quickly from one topic to the next for him to follow?  Is he  more embarrassed than I realize because it's difficult for him to phrase things the way he'd like?  Is he having trouble hearing?  Is too much happening at once for him to integrate it all?  This is definitely an area that needs alot of thought and work.

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