Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Weather---at last!!!

Boo loves this weather---bright, sunny and not too hot.

Daisy resting beside Boo.

Boo seems fascinated by all the flowering plants. It's hard to convince him to come inside.
     This lovely weather has chased us outdoors. We're also "babysitting" my sister's dog, Daisy, and her cat, Peggy.  Daisy has had a lot of fun walking with Boo.  The two of them spent an hour in Mom's backyard.  Daisy stayed beside Boo and listened to him talk.  I'm not sure what one says to a dog for an hour, but Daisy seemed to enjoy it.
     Boo is doing a little better.  His cardiologist adjusted some of his medications.  For a while afterwards, his BP fluctuated greatly and we kept the home health nurse and his doctor busy.  Things seem to be smoothing out finally.  Boo is more alert, more active and definitely more opinionated.  He is walking 3.5 to 4 blocks daily and doing PT exercises with no problem.  Boo tends to become unsteady in the evening still, but at least it's not all day anymore.  Schedule changes remain an issue.  I really have to be careful not to overload his days.  Right now he can handle more physically than he can emotionally. 

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