Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

     This has been a blessed Easter.  We watched part of the Easter Vigil from Rome last night---until Boo went to sleep.  This morning two women from the local Catholic mission brought Boo Communion.  Later, we walked to Mom's house to spend time with part of my family.  Boo is sleeping in Mom's den.  Mom probably is too.
     Here is my long overdue update on Boo's stint.  Last Wednesday we went to the hospital to have a stint placed in Boo's right renal artery which almost completely blocked.  For once, everything that could possibly go right, went  right.  We were able to bring Boo home on Wednesday afternoon.  (This is usually done as an outpatient; but given Boo's medical history, the cardiologist was sure Boo would be admitted for a few days.)  The only "complication" has been his sleepiness.  Because of Boo's strokes, he is more sensitive to being sedated and it definitely took him longer to really stay awake. 
     So far, the renal stint seems to be helping to lower his blood pressure.  This morning, eleven hours after his last medication and before he'd had any of his morning medications, his blood pressure was 130/78.  Currently, he is off of two of his BP medications.  There's a good chance he'll be able to discontinue some others as well.  Boo is scheduled to visit his family doctor 4 May 2011.  He is also scheduled to visit a nephrologist to determine how much function he has in his right kidney and what else, if anything, needs to be done.  Maybe, just maybe, Boo's on the right track at last...

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