Saturday, October 15, 2011

We're Still Alive!

Yesterday with my son who was visiting.

Our inside cat

     I'm sorry it's been so long since I've posted anything.  Moving, getting used to the protocals with new doctors and clinics, adjusting to new medications and adjusting the dosages and timing of others have taken a toll on both of us.  Boo is adjusting well.  He has more good days than bad ones.  Our biggest struggle right now is adjusting to unexpected changes to Boo's routine---changes that seem small to me often seem huge to him. 
     Boudreaux is still Jim's companion.  Since we moved, Boudreaux has been an inside cat.  He managed to escape Thursday when I was at Duke.  Evidently he went out the bedroom window and right under the house.  When I came home, he came right to me and has refused to go near an open door or window.  Boo has spent hours telling Boudreaux how imporant he is and how much we love him and worrying that he'll run away again.  (A side note:  Boudreaux generally doesn't like to be held.  Boo can pick him up anytime and rub him.  Usually when Boo calls Boudreaux, he comes running.  Coming when called is not a reliable trick and it only works with Boo.  I guess he's always going to be Boo's cat.)

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