Saturday, July 23, 2011


     Please excuse my long "vacation."  Right now we are packing to move closer to Duke.  As much as I hate moving---chaos, disorganization, etc., we are both looking forward to being closer to some old friends. 
     Boo is handling all the packing and chaos well.  I've tried to confine most of the chaos to the front of the house which we don't use anyway.  Thus far, I've managed to continue with the same pharmacy for Boo.  They deliver to the house.  We  can still use the same service when we move---yeah!  I plan to have all his six month blood work completed before we move and a hard copy of his medical history in hand when we leave. 
     Although I will miss Boo's doctors here, there are two major medical centers within fifteen minutes of the new house.  So...I'm going to try to "interview" several practises for Boo on the phone to narrow the search for a reputable practise.  I've also called several friends in the area who are either RNs, work with the elderly or care for elderly parents to get some recommendations.  We'll see...

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