Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Out for Coffee---And an Omlette

Happy to be out and about

Drinking coffee!!!

Boo agreed to go out for coffee today, a very rare occurance these days.  He prefers to stay home almost all the time.  Sometimes I can convince him to ride around while we run errands.  Getting him to go in a store is another story.  Boo is easily disoriented by loud noises and bright lights.  I ensured that the restaurant wasn't crowded before we left.  Maybe, maybe with a few good experiences under his belt, Boo will be more interested in regular outings.

When the waiter asked Boo what he'd like to drink.  Boo quickly told him that he wanted an omlette with cheese, ham, onions, tomatoes amd peppers, a plain hashbrown and wheat toast AND  coffee.  He ate every mouthful and drank four cups of coffee.  All that after eating breakfast and lunch/

Boo is napping now with Boudreaux who is still upset with me for taking his favorite person away.

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