Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch # 6

1.  When it's time to cut the grass/mow the lawn, who does it?

Kari:  Bobby mows our yard and Mom's yard.  I have cut the grass in years past, but it's not my favorite chore.  Somehow, running between our house and Mom's, I doubt I'd manage the lawns well right now. 

Boo:  Some nice guy did and he popped Kari's dandelions.  I don't think she was happy.  Bobby did pop some of my dandelions.  I really enjoy battering and frying dandelion blooms.  Yummy!  I also add new dandelion leaves to salads in the spring or steep the leaves for a tea rich in minerals.  Please don't pop or poison my dandelions!

2.  If someone gave you $500 and you could not spend it on yourself.  Who would you spend it on?

Kari:  That's tough!  I'd probably split it between several charities...I think.  On the other hand, several friends are having a really rough time financially.  If I could give them the money in such a way that they never knew who'd given it, I might choose that.

Boo:  Food for the hungry.   I think Boo's getting hungry himself.  He refused breakfast earlier.  I guess he's finally thinking about food now.

3.  Have you ever taken a blogging break or considered one?

Kari:  Yes, when life is too hectic, I have taken blogging breaks.  Life trumps blogging. 

Boo:  Only if Kari does.  I don't blog.  She types what I tell her.  We tried Dragon software that would enable him to speak and the computer would type what he said.  Evidently neither he nor the software liked the idea. 

4.  Are you bothered by spring allergies or hay fever?  If not spring, any other time of the year?

Kari:  I'm allergic to the pollen of certain trees.   I haven't been bothered this year.  For me there seems to be a direct correlation between a low immune system and allergies.  At present, my immune system is functioning well.

Boo:  I don't think so.  

5.  What's new with you?

Kari:  New?  Well, I had a fight with our bed last night.  I tried to put a board under my side of the mattress to make it firmer.  Now I waited until 10 pm to start this project and determined that it was a one woman project.  By 12:30 am, I'd begun waving a white flag.  I couldn't get the mattress top in place without moving the board around.  It didn't help that the board is four or five inches too long for the bed.  Guess who's tired this morning?

Boo:  I guess getting my hair cut.  Kari says I have to and we couldn't reach Melinda to come to the house to cut my hair.  So, after lunch, G'ma (Kari's mother), Kari and I are going to get our hair cut and buy oatmeal.  Well, the theory is that Mom will be home from the auction in time to eat lunch and then we'll all go get our hair cut and buy a few groceries.  I guess in Boo's mind groceries equal oatmeal.

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  1. So true...Life definitely trumps blogging. I do love it though. Have a blessed week :O)

  2. I don't have a life, so I guess I'll keep on blogging. :)

  3. Love reading your replies - so just down to earth.

  4. I enjoyed your answers. I think you certainly are right in that life should trump blogging and that is just the way it goes. Have agreat week!

  5. I think oatmeal is a wonderful grocery!I have never made anything with dandelions, but would love to start. They're free and plentiful. I looked into Dragon Software, but the reviews were one extreme or the other. I wasn't sure it would be a good purchase. I have been doing Creative Writing for twenty years. I find that typing slows my thought process a bit. I love storytelling, so I think I could get used to speaking my writing projects. I'd love to know more about Dragon from someone I know. I need an objective assessment of it. I'm still debating on a blogging break. There are too many wonderful people who I would miss. I may just slug through at a slow pace. I have only been getting Chats up lately. I used to post a lot, but it is too much work with farming being our fulltime work. Homeschooling the girls
    is in that equation, too. Life trumps blogging, but it is a great stress relief. Have a great week!

  6. I love your comment "life trumps blogging" I'm going to remember that one! The only thing I have ever made with dandelions is wine in my high school chemistry class... you sure couldn't do that now!