Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 2013 Daybook


Outside my window...it's dark and quiet with crickets chirping.  Of course, it's almost midnight.  Our front porch is right outside our bedroom windows.  We've got a lovely flat leaf parsley plant and a struggling basil in pots.  I just planted rosemary in a huge pot this afternoon.  Definitely one of my favorite herbs!  We also have two ferns that are off shoots of my Grandma Mamie's beautiful ferns.  For some reason I always thought ferns were hard to grow.  Either I was wrong or these two are just hardy.

I am thinking...of all the many things I need/should do tomorrow.  Prioritize, delegate and eliminate.  Those things that I think are truly important, I'll prioritize.  Some things I can delegate.  Boo has been folding undies and pjs recently...not well, but who cares?  Folding and putting away those two things are no longer on my to do list.  Boo has also taken over ensuring that Boudreaux, his wonderful cat, has fresh water several times daily and always has dry kibble.  I still handle the canned food.  Boo has trouble using the can opener and could easily cut himself on the cans.  Last night Boo carried the garbage out the front door, across the front porch and to the garbage can.  Yeah Boo!

I am thankful...for Boo's love, for his continual optimism and his recent helpfulness, especially now that Mom's needing more help.  I'm also thankful for Mom's orthopedic surgeon and his attentiveness.  He insisted on weekly x-rays, realized that her arm wasn't healing properly and reset it...complete with a plate and screws.  I'm extremely thankful for Mom's good spirits and her willingness to figure out how to do as much as she possibly can with her left hand.  She's doing so well!

In the kitchen...at Mom's house are freshly washed dinner dishes.  No, I didn't put them away.  It's more sanitary for them to air dry...I think.  Besides, I was procrastinating.  In my kitchen are some well rinsed dishes waiting to be washed.  Nothing is cooking.  It's midnight, remember?

I am wearing...a white tee shirt, black capris and no shoes.  Nope, no shoes.  It's almost summer and I hate shoes.  I do wear Crocs outside.  The lovely green snake I saw yesterday ensures that I won't go barefoot as much as I'd really like to do so.  No, I didn't kill it.  I'm pretty sure it was harmless.  Not completely positive, but we won't go into that!

I am creating...a household notebook for myself.  It's amazingly difficult for me to remember everything that needs to be done in two households.  We're only talking about three adults and two cats here.  It shouldn't be this hard!  I guess it's the odd things that crop up on an all too regular basis that throw me.  Mom's broken arm, Boo's late night wandering and/or confusion, Boudreaux's wound from his "night on the town."  I deal with the unusual things and lose track of the daily, need-to-do stuff. 

Is a household notebook creating?  I'm not sure it counts, but it's the closest to creating that I've managed since Mom broke her arm.

I am going to...take a quiet, leisurely bath before bed.  Yeah, I probably need one after today.  Mostly, I just want to relax in hot water. 

I am wondering...when the vet clinic is open again.  Boudreaux's wound needs to be examined and he may need antibiotics.  I've been cleaning it with saline solution and a diluted Betadyne wash.  Boudreaux isn't happy with the cleaning, but tonight seemed to tolerate it without protest.  That concerns me. 

I am reading...online about treating cat wounds and about broken arms in the elderly.  Interesting, I know, but necessary for me right now.

I am hoping...to spray paint my wicker rocker tomorrow.  That will be the thing I do for myself.  Maybe I'll plant two hanging planters as well.  Neither should take long.  So I should be able to work them in between helping Mom and Boo.

I am looking forward to...Davi's Bon Voyage party this coming Saturday.  It's just one block away and only two hours.  Mom should be able to go and socialize.  Boo can too if he's having a good day.  Otherwise, I'll ask one of my cousins to stay with him.  Davi's leaving very soon for a two year stint on a Mercy ship in southern Africa. 

I am learning...to be more patient with myself and not to over schedule unnecessary things to clutter my days.  Boo's been really helpful with this one.  When he notices me becoming stressed in the day time, he'll mention it and ask if I really need to do everything.  That's a good question.  Many things I can just let slide.  After all, spending quality time with my family is what's most important.  Two reasonably clean houses are important.  Rearranging my closets and decluttering Mom's closets are certainly less important right now.

One of my favorite things...a coffee shake with real vanilla ice cream.  Yum!

A peak into my day...

These two photos were taken BEFORE Mom had surgery.  She elected to try letting the arm heal in a cast.   When that didn't work, she had an open reduction of the ulna just above her right wrist.

Mom let me paint her right finger nails, but not her left.  Not at all sure why she wanted to stop after just one hand, but she did.

Here she is in her pretty red cast!  That woman likes any color as long as it's red!

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  1. Praying for you. Sounds very stressful right now. Remember to listen to Boo. You really CAN'T do it all. God bless your efforts! Hope to visit again soon!

  2. Sending you love and prayers.