Friday, May 3, 2013

Seven Quick Takes Friday # 19

I forgot today was Friday!
I'd thought all week about this post...and then the day I should write it, I completely forget until night time.  Oh well, the best laid plans and all that.
Besides forgetting the day of the week, I've managed to accomplish quite a lot this week.  Most of my time seems to be spent helping Mom or Boo.  Still, in the midst of running back and forth, I did manage to clear some things from my growing to do list.
I painted my milk crate type plastic boxes, hung sheers in the living room and valences in the kitchen, vacuumed and cleaned house twice, prepared meals for Mom, Boo and myself all week, learned to use the basic functions on our "new" convection stove, washed umpteen loads of clothes and paid bills.  I'm progressing.
I spent the afternoon battling the wisteria taking over my little flower garden.  I began with a love for wisteria and a desire to contain it's wild growth.  Four hours, two broken nails and a lot of tears later, I'm not so sure I like wisteria at all.  It's kind of like kudzu.  It just takes over.  One of our neighbors told me to saw it down, but that even that wouldn't kill it.  He did say that when it began growing back that I could train it to go where I want it to go.  We'll see.  I'm not convinced that wisteria is trainable at this point. 
The score today was Kari 0, Wisteria 1.  Just as soon as I uncover an appropriate saw that will change!

Today is National Scrapbooking Day...I think.  It seems to be the beginning of a week end of scrapbooking product sales, contests and give aways.  I'm pumped!  I thoroughly enjoy digital scrapbooking.  Not that I've done any since I moved.  That's about to change!  I feel scrapbooking fever about to descend.  Watch out!  I'm taking new photos and scanning old ones...and stealing photos from friends to scrap.  No one is safe.
I have begun taking photos of Mom's treasures and getting her to tell me about them.  I've made audio recordings of her talking about her mother's pie safe and how she and Daddy found the apothecary chest.  Originally, I planned to make a scrapbook of Mom's treasures for her and I will.   I may also make a video for my children and nieces and nephews of her treasures with her voice.  That would be something to build and hold on to memories.
Tomorrow afternoon is going to be interesting.  Mom and I have to take our Boudreaux and her Boots to a rabies clinic.  I'm not sure just how this is going to work.  Both cats are afraid of dogs.  So they'll both be in carriers.  Boots loves to ride in the car.  Don't ask.  He just does.  He doesn't like to be in a carrier.  Boudreaux, on the other hand, has never met a car he liked.  He doesn't mind his carrier...though dogs and vets, especially vets with needles, are on his list of things to be avoided at all costs.  I'm not looking forward to this excursion!
Tuesday Mom, Boo and I went town and had our hair cut.  This may not be a momentous occasion to most people, but it was for us!  Mom finally decided to try getting her hair cut and styled again.  Her beautiful white hair is getting rather sparse and she's worn a wig for quite a while.  After trying some special shampoos to thicken her hair, she was willing to try.  Mom looks beautiful!  With summer coming up, she'll be so much cooler.
Boo has developed a deep seated fear of hair salons in the past year.  I was ready for major problems.  My only consolation was that we were less than two blocks from the local hospital that we really like.  Boo walked in, sat to have his hair cut, answered questions the stylist asked him and then proceeded to initiate a conversation with her.  I was shocked! 
After we got our hair cut, we went to the pharmacy.  Boo elected to sit in the car while Mom and I ran inside.  He asked what he could do.  So, I handed him Mom's wig and told him to hold his mother-in-law's hair.  Boo took the wig very gingerly in two fingers, but the look he gave me was priceless.  When I came back from the pharmacy, Boo looked at me very seriously and said, "No one wanted G'ma's wig.  I asked."  Was he really trying to give her wig away?
One of the few things that I really disliked about our home was the stove.  It was apartment sized, which I could live with, and the oven didn't work, which is an issue for someone who likes to bake.  I could easily make do with what I had because Mom's oven works just fine and she certainly isn't using it.  Then, this week Mom and I found a stove at one of her favorite places here, a used furnature and auction shop.  Mom was thrilled.  I looked at the stove from a distance and liked it.  William delivered it a few hours later.  It's a regular size stove which does make our small kitchen look smaller, but it's a Kitchen Aid with a convection oven!  My dream stove!  It works beautifully, except for the light at the top of the stove and the oven light which I can easily replace.  Let the baking begin!!!!

Charlotte has come to live at our least I hope it's a writing spider like Charlotte.  For several nights there's been a large spider's web complete with spider beside our back door.  Every morning, it's no where to be found.  Well, there is a thread, but no web.  If this is indeed a writing spider, I understand that one could conceivably follow the thread back to Charlotte's hiding place.  That is, if one wasn't terrified of spiders.  I am terrified. 
Here are several photos of Charlotte's murderous activities last night.  Yeah, I know they're fuzzy.  To begin with, I was shaking.   Both spiders were also moving.  Well, until Charlotte murdered the intruder.  Then only one was moving. 

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