Friday, October 12, 2012

7 Quick Takes


Baby, it's chilly outside!!!!! We've gone from the 80's to the 50's in just a few days. Boo stays cold now, even when he really isn't. This morning I left him in the bedroom long enough to fix breakfast. When I came back, he had on his pajamas, sweatpants, a huge sweatshirt and a red jacket...and he was in bed under the comforter. The bedroom was 78 degrees and he was sweating. Boo was cold because he could hear the wind. I turned on some music to distract him and helped him remove unnecessary clothing.


We've been listening to some old radio shows. Boo likes the old westerns and the Cavalcade of America. I like the old commercials. Boo is disenchanted with television right now. There are too many political commercials and too much political commentary for his tastes. The commercials that irritate him the most are those that malign the character of candidates. Commercials that deal with issues, whether he agrees with them or not, he tolerates. You know, I'm the same way. Stick to the issues and leave off the character assassination.


I discovered today that Boo has never read The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings or any of J. R. R. Tolkien's books...or at least he has no memory of them. How on earth could anyone, especially someone who read as much as Boo used to, miss Tolkien? I suppose I'll download the audio books from Audible and we'll listen together. OK, we'll listen slowly because there are some dark passages that might be too much for him on certain days.


Today seems to be one of Boo's hibernation days. I guess with the cooler weather he just wants to sleep. And just like a bear who's awakened from hibernation (not that I have first hand experience of this, you understand), Boo is cranky when awakened. Very cranky. And disoriented. And hungry. I woke him for some medication. He fussed which upset the cat. Boudreaux now looks at me and flattens his ears in support of his master's foul mood. Boo has eaten two peanut butter and sugar free jelly on whole wheat sandwiches, 12 ounces of strawberry yogurt and two cups of decaf. He's picking at my salad. He said he didn't want one, but maybe salad tastes better off someone else's plate. I'll just type until he's nibbled all the salad he wants. Never interfere with a hungry husband who's in a “bear” of a mood.


An update on Elizabeth, the young woman diagnosed with leukemia last month. She's responding well to treatment. In fact, she's home right now. Although she'll return to the hospital later this month for further tests and treatment. Liz's spirit continues to be an inspiration. Not only is she positive and optimistic, she continues to tell people to volunteer, to help someone who's really in need when anyone asks what they can do for her. I need to cultivate that spirit within myself.


Today is National Yarn Day. Who knew there was such a thing? Time to pull out more yarn and start crocheting! By the way, the wonderful green sweater I crocheted for our cat, Boudreaux, was not one of his favorite put it mildly. I tried it on him and our generally quiet, gentle cat became possessed. He twisted and turned, jumped and shook. He hissed and spit. He also managed to slither out of his sweater amid our laughter. I left the sweater on the coffee table. Later that day, we found it deposited and partly covered in Boudreaux's litter box. Either the cat didn't like the sweater or he doesn't like green. Boo firmly believes that we need to keep the sweater just in case it snows. I'm not so sure. Who's going to put it on Boudreaux? (I did thoroughly wash Boudreaux's sweater, just in case you were wondering!)


Have you ever known a child or adult with Down's Syndrome? Years ago I had the pleasure to befriend Danny (not really his name) and soon learned more about compassion and forgiveness than I'd ever known. Danny was placed in an institution at birth. Then he lived in a series of foster homes and group homes. Danny was very gentle and loving. As soon as he understood what was expected of him, he was eager to please. He was in his early twenties when I met him. Some friends and I took him out to eat and to a movie on his birthday. Danny had never been to a movie and was fascinated by everything. His meal of choice that night was a kid's meal from McDonald's. A few weeks later one of his brothers, whom he'd never met, began to visit him. Christmas and Easter were spent with his brother. Several years later, when his brother was able to do so, Danny went to live with him.

There are so many Dannys in our world. Understanding and care of children with Down's Syndrome has improved in this country. In some other countries, these precious children are routinely institutionalized and marginalized. Any chance at a normal life is virtually impossible in their native country. Adoption is their best chance.
Reece's Rainbow Adoption Ministry is a charity with a heart for these children. Through the advocacy of Reece's Rainbow hundreds of children with Down's Syndrome have been adopted. Adoption from a foreign country is an expensive endeavor and many parents who would like to adopt can't because of the cost. One of the things Reece's Rainbow does is to solicit funds to provide adoption grants for these children. I encourage you to read about Reece's Rainbow here and about the ways you can get involved here
Please help these children. 
Pray for them and for their forever families.


  1. Praying for Elizabeth, and the precious children.

  2. #6: I was wondering how Boudreaux was going to like his sweater!

    #7: I'm a Guardian Angel for a little boy on Reece's Rainbow.