Friday, January 11, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Ever had a week you thought would never end?

Well, that's been the way the past seven days have been for us.


Boo is miserable with a cold. Just a cold. Still, what's “just a cold” for most of us affects Boo quite differently. His blood sugar is more difficult to control and he's more confused than usual, especially in the evenings. Boo's less conscious of his left side (the side most affected by his strokes) and is more unsteady. He's getting better daily, but it has been a difficult week.


The weather is cold and dreary. Definitely appropriate weather to be sick. But I don't like cold and dreary when I'm not feeling well. I want bright, sunny days to lift me out of my funk. I explained this carefully to God. It seems He has other plans. (Maybe that He has everything under control...even the weather. Maybe that I need to look beyond outward appearances to the heart of the matter...)


One of my favorite uncles died around noon Tuesday, January eighth. He went Home to be with God.

Uncle Everette knew how to make me feel special and loved even as a shy, awkward, skinny, bespectacled child. Whenever we stopped at his Esso service station, I got to choose any snack I wanted from his vast selection (at least it seemed like a vast selection back then.) Then, I got to choose any soft drink from his cooler. Remember those coolers like chest freezers filled with glass bottles? On hot summer days before air conditioning, the cool blast of air from the soft drink cooler was a real treat...and it made my glasses foggy. Uncle Everette would override my parents' objections every time and my sister and I always got our treat.


One of my favorite memories of Uncle Everette was his ability to pay attention to only good things. As a child, he “caught” my sister and I doing good things and commented on them.

During WWII his hearing was damaged. I remember Aunt Cherrie fussing about a minor issue one day and Uncle Everette sitting in his easy chair in the next room smiling and completely undisturbed. He'd turned off his hearing aid! She quickly figured out that he wasn't responding and promptly demanded that he turn on his hearing aid. This obviously had happened before. “Now Cherrie, I don't need to hear all that. I know you love me.” She sputtered a while, but calmed down.

That was one of Uncle Everette's gifts...the ability to focus on what was good, what was important. I need to practice the art of focusing on what's important and ignoring or letting go of the unimportant.


Yesterday about noon one of my childhood friends, Kim, for whom I've begged prayers also went Home to be with Jesus.

Kim bravely battled breast, brain and spinal cancer. More importantly, she remained steadfast in her faith, remained compassionate, loving and giving. She kept her focus on what was truly important. There's so much I'd like to say, but I just can't yet. This grief is still too new, too raw.


When I told Mother about Kim's peaceful Homegoing we talked about various memories. One especially precious memory was of the day Kim accepted Christ in the small church my father pastored. In the Protestant tradition in which I was raised, an altar call is given and one walks down the aisle, accepts Christ, is baptized and joins the local church. The day Kim “walked down the aisle,” her tall, long legged father was so excited that he literally jumped over pews to get to his daughter. It was the only time I remember my father open mouthed and speechless in church.

The decision Kim made that day, she continued to live. Hers was a luminous, growing faith.


Boo is obviously feeling better this evening. He's attempting to teach Boudreaux a “cat in the bag” trick. I'm not sure what the purpose of this trick is, but Boudreaux loves paper bags and boxes. So, Boudreaux is fully cooperating and jumping in the bag at every opportunity. Currently the green gift bag they're using is a shambles. Perhaps I should find another paper bag for my two men.

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  1. Sitting here with you in raw grief. An online friend passed today and he had been as good a friend to me online as if he had been in my daily life.

  2. Very sorry for the loss of your uncle, and friend. Praying for Boo to feel much better.