Friday, January 18, 2013

Seven Quick Takes

Boo was super excited last evening.  The weather channel called for 2 to 4 inches of snow in our area.  He was anticipating building a snow man with Boudreaux.  Well, we got a good dusting of snow.  I took him outside last night for a couple of minutes to watch it fall.  Boo continued to wake during the night and look out the window "to check on the snow."   At day break, we still had just a dusting...not enough for a snow man. 
Now about Boudreaux and snow...You'd  think a cat that dislikes water wouldn't like snow.  Not necessarily true.  Boudreaux likes snow more than Boo does.  I let him out briefly this morning thinking that he'd quickly realize that snow was cold and wet.  I guess he did figure that out, but he was not deterred.  Snow is wonderful.  Instead of getting a photo of Boudreaux disliking the cold, wet stuff, I chased him around the front yard in my bedroom slippers.  He liked kicking up the snow and chasing it.  I brought him back inside shivering, but annoyed.  He wanted to play more.  I remember that as a kitten he enjoyed the snow and had to be brought in shivering and fighting to get back out.  Somehow, I thought Boudreaux had grown up.  Perhaps not.
I finished two scrapbooks this week and sent them to be printed.  One was for my Mother with Christmas photos, mostly from this year.  The other was for my Aunt Cherrie whose husband was buried last Saturday.  Aunt Cherrie's scrapbook I made in two parts.  The first part was photos that I found in my father's photo drawer of Christmas shots of Aunt Cherrie, Uncle Everette and their son from the early 1950's.  The second section was old family photos.  Several photos were taken when my uncles went away to fight in WWII.  As well as I thought I knew my uncles, I couldn't identify them.  They all looked so young and they all had hair.  Maybe I thought they were born bald?
Boo and I have been battling colds and sore throats this week.  We're much better now.  Time has a way of curing colds.  However, we did try several home remedies that seemed to help.  For Boo's cough, I gave him a tablespoon of honey and a pinch of cinnamon.  He liked it and it did seem to quiet his cough for a few hours at a time.  For our sore throats, we gargled with warm salt father's remedy for sore throats (although I think he also dissolved an aspirin in the water.)  A friend also suggested a tablespoon of vinegar three or four times daily.  That definitely helped.  We do take extra vitamin C when we begin to feel sick.  I've ordered some herbal extracts to increase our immunity after ensuring that none of them were contraindicated by any of Boo's current medications.
Today is the day for homemade bread and vegetable soup.  It's a meatless day and cold and wet.  I can't think of anything more appropriate.  Besides, it's easy and I have loads of laundry to do.
Earlier this week, Boo decided to take up crocheting.  He's mastered the chain stitch so far.  That's taken alot of mental and physical effort on his part.  Thus far, he has a four and a half foot chain.  I haven't convinced him to try any other stitch.  Maybe he's making a snake for Boudreaux? 
This week's photos...

Here's our "snow" for the day.

From Mom's scrapbook

From Mom's scrapbook

From Aunt Cherrie's scrapbook

Going away to war photos

Another page from Aunt Cherrie's scrapbook.  The photo on the lower right is of my parents in college.

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