Saturday, January 5, 2013

January Daybook


Outside my's a chilly, wintry day.  The sun is casting it's thin, watery rays over a muddy blue sky.  It just looks like a cold winter's day!

I am thankful...for Boo's health, for wonderful times with family over the Christmas holidays, for the smell of clean sheets (I can never get enough of it!), for warm oatmeal and homemade hot chocolate.  Boo is thankful for being home.  He really didn't like being away from Boudreaux over Christmas.  He's also thankful for oatmeal which is one of his very favorite foods.

In the kitchen...I'm preparing beef vegetable soup and spinach, sausage cheese balls.  That sounds warm and homey.  Just the thing for today.

I am micro fleece pajamas with blue hearts and green socks.  OK, I should be dressed I know.  However, it's so chilly looking outside and I am sick.  So, I'm still in pajamas at lunch time.
Boo's in pajamas too, but his are a dark blue plaid fleece which he stylish paired with an over sized gray fleece shirt.  Boo generally likes to wear pajamas at home.

I am creating...a crocheted hooded scarf for a friend of ours.  Then, I'll work on a gray one for my daughter for her ground hog birthday.

I am Walmart later today to pick up some supplies for Boo and some scrapbooks that didn't arrive in time for Christmas.  I can't wait to see them.  Oh, and I might get some cat treats for Boo's favorite four legged son.

I am reading...nothing right now.  That wouldn't be news worthy except that I read constantly.  I haven't felt well since Christmas and just haven't read anything.  Who knew I could go almost three weeks without reading?  Boo has been listening to Christmas music and EWTN podcasts.

I am hoping...that the new antibiotics prescribed yesterday will kick in shortly.  I have strep throat and just feel icky.  Yes, I am taking extra vitamin C, resting, disinfecting all my eating and drinking utensils and door knobs.  (I know I'm weird, but door knobs just seem like germy places to me.)  A friend suggested that grapefruit seed oil was an excellent remedy for many viral and bacterial infections.  I ordered some this morning and plan to try that too.  I'm also hoping that Boo doesn't contract strep.

I am looking forward to...improving my immune system so that I don't pick up every little bug that makes its way near me.  Any suggestions???

A favorite quote for today..." Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less."  C. S. Lewis

One of my favorite things...sweaters!!!  I love warm, fuzzy sweaters.  Really, they don't have to be fuzzy, just warm.  One reason I'll probably never move to the tropics is that I can't wear my sweaters.  Just for your information, I found a sweater that I wore in college.  I've been moving it with me for years now and I'm pretty sure I'll never weigh 94 pounds again.  So, the likelihood that I'll fit into the sweater again is slim to none.  Throw it away?  Not after all these years!  Maybe I'll turn it into a pillow.

A peek into our holidays...

Christmas at Mom's 2012

For some reason, I was unable to upload Christmas photos to Blogger today.  So, I provided a link to them.

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  1. i wasnt able to upload either till i downloaded google chrome

    1. You're absolutely right! Thanks so much for that advice.

  2. Stopping by to visit from SWD. Have you tried Echinachea? Different people suggested it to me to help with my immunities and I finally tried it and it seemed to help so much! In fact... up until this past few weeks, I have been feeling great! Then we had a HORRIBLE dust storm pass through and it really has been hard on my lungs. But... that is life in West Texas. Hope you get to feeling better. And hope your Boo continues to recuperate. Have a blessed 2013!

    Tänia of Simply God's Girl

    1. I've used echinachea in the past, but got away from it because it seemed to raise Boo's blood pressure. I'm not absolutely sure there was a direct connect, but there seemed to be. I just bought some for myself. Thanks for the reminder. Boo doesn't have to take it.

  3. Turning your much loved sweater into a pillow seems like a very good thing to do....sorry you're feeling bad, hope you're well soon....I'd just stay in my pajamas...I still have mine on and its 11:30am here. I have been cleaning and other stuff and need to shower, these will go in the laundry and I'll have a fresh pair for tonight........I do enjoy stopping by here and reading about your days.
    Mama Bear

    1. I'm feeling better, though I have an annoying shortness of breath when I take my daily walk. Pajamas have been the order of the day for me most of the week (except when I'm taking a walk.) I look forward to making my sweater pillow though it will likely be the end of Feburary before I'm able to begin. I've got too many projects going now and need to finish some. Thanks for stopping by!