Friday, March 8, 2013

Seven Quick Takes


After a super long blogging break, I'm back!  The deaths of several close friends and family members members definitely shook me.  I've thought more about my own mortality, about the legacy I want to leave and just took time to grieve.  

One of Boo's oldest and closest friends died unexpectedly a few weeks ago.  Boo and Dave have known each other for close to forty years.  At different points in their lives, they've worked together, lived together, drunk coffee and argued together.  In the last few years when Boo was confused, Dave remained a staunch friend and supporter.

It's taken Boo a long time, but he's beginning to adjust to Dave's death.  He's certainly come a long way from completely falling apart when he thinks about his friend.  For several weeks, Boo consistently insisted on "meeting Dave for coffee to talk about why he died."  It took time, prayer and lots of talking to help him face the reality of Dave's death.


We're planning a family reunion for my father's side of the family this summer.  We haven't all gathered since Grandmother died in the early 1980's.  Well, we have actually seen each other at funerals, but that's not the same.  This time we can talk, take hundreds of photos and reconnect.  Mother is preparing a family tree and overdosing on genealogy.  (Shake my family tree and a bunch of nuts fall out!)  


Boo and I have been listening to audio books left and right recently.  Yesterday we finished listening to the second book in Patrick Taylor's Irish Country series.  Tomorrow we're starting Princes of Ireland by Edward Rutherford in preparation for St. Patrick's day.  Boo is practicing his Irish brogue. He has a ways to go before he sounds authentic.


Boo's counting down the days before Boudreaux's birthday.  (We're estimating his date of birth.)  Somehow, I don't think Boudreaux's nearly as excited as his "father" is.  Boo has worried and worried about what to get his cat for his third birthday.  I'm thinking a sturdy box, a paper bag, some crinkly paper to shred and some catnip.  Boudreaux will think we're the most wonderful people in the world and once he's tired of his gifts, I can throw them away.


One of my young cousins is newly engaged.  Her intended proposed to her on national television just before he participated in a polar dive for charity.  I can't imagine, but it worked for them.  She doesn't live near her Mother and Grandmother.  So when she goes shopping for her wedding gown, her Mother and Grandmother will be with her on Skype to participate and advise.  What a wonderful use for modern technology.


My mother has fallen several times since Christmas.  In fact, she's fallen several times in the last few weeks.  Her family doctor hasn't found any specific reason for her unsteadiness.  Mom is finally agreeing to use a cane regularly, both in and out of her home.  Thank goodness!  She seems to be very alert and well oriented and manages her day to day activities with few problems.  Well, except for cooking.  That woman does NOT like to cook!  


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  1. #1: I'm glad you're back. I've missed reading your blog!

    #3: I love the Irish Country series! I read the first two while Daniel was in the NICU.

    #6: I recommend the Hurry Cane. My husband's aunt got it for my father-in-law. As for cooking, does she qualify for Meals on Wheels?

    #7: I love the one of Boudreaux.

    1. Thanks Jen! It's good to be back. I'm looking into the Hurry Cane. Looks promising.

  2. Have missed you, sorry about all the sadness. Saying prayers for you.