Friday, March 15, 2013

Seven Quick Takes #17


Boo has spent much time this week watching Boudreaux, his cat, play. And Boudreaux has indeed had quite a lot of fun playing. He's spent hours chasing shadows on the walls and floors. Boo will wiggle his fingers in the sunlight and Boudreaux will wiggle his whole body in anticipation of catching the moving shadows. I'd think that the cat would eventually realize that he just can't catch shadows. But no, hope springs eternal and the two of them play long as the sun shines.

When the sun sets, it's time to play with the fish. For over a year now Boudreaux has attempted to catch the fish through the aquarium glass. The fact that he hasn't succeeded deters him not in the least. He still tries. Several times one of the fish has swum rapidly toward the top of the tank while Boudreaux frantically tried to scratch his way through the glass. The silly cat will turn a backward flip to get away from the racing fish. As though a fish in a tank could actually hurt him.


Against Boo's wishes, I've tried non-OEM ink cartridges in our ink jet printer. Boo sold and repaired office equipment for years and remembers the mess his customers would sometimes bring him when they tried to use cheaper ink cartridges. His vision and memory no longer allow him to repair even simple printers like ours. So, deciding that saving almost thirty dollars a cartridge was worth the risk, I ordered the ink. So far so good. (I'm only printing documents right now. I'll probably continue to use commercial services to print photos because there are generally lots of bargains to be found.)

Yesterday Boo asked how my printing was going. I showed him and he nodded sagely. “I knew that was a good idea all along.” Ah yeah, just like a man.


I've enjoyed pinterest recently. It's amazing how many projects I've lined up to do. Does anyone else feel like they accomplished something wonderful by pinning ideas to their walls? I've felt like patting myself on the back...and for what? Finding more stuff to do? (Although some things are really worthwhile, time saving, budget friendly or just plain cute.)

Wait, it's green! I'm not wasting paper or filling filing cabinets with ideas that I want to try. That ought to be worth something. Just as an aside, my father in his wisdom filled a drawer—-a whole drawer—-of one filing cabinet with recipes he'd cut from newspapers and magazines that he wanted to try. They're neat and organized, but my sister and I'll probably never use them. For sure and certain, Mom won't. And I feel guilty throwing them away.


Boo is fascinated with our electric blanket. We've had it for almost three years. So, it isn't new. He's thrilled that we can adjust the heat...or even turn it off if we want. It is helpful, especially the dual control part. One of us is rather cold natured these days and he likes to turn his side of the blanket UP. Not to mention any names, of course.

Last night, Boo discovered my controls. I thought I was having eternal hot flashes! Boo just gave me an evil grin and patted me on the head. OK, maybe it really wasn't an evil grin, maybe that's a little harsh. But at three am when I wake hot and sweaty with Boo grinning...well, I don't take it too well. Boo still thinks it's funny.


One of my college roommates and her son are heading to Ireland for a dream vacation in a few weeks. Her son has always wanted to go to Ireland...even as a small child. Yeah Chris! At least one of them is sane. (This is the same friend who'd always wanted to sky dive. So last fall, she jumped out of a perfectly good airplane.) I'm scared to ask what else is on her bucket list of things to do before she dies. She seems so normal...on the outside anyway.


Earlier this week, Boo gave Boudreaux a small piece of boneless whiting. Boudreaux was excited! He doesn't often get samples of our food. After carrying it to the mat his dishes are on, he sat on it. Sat on a small piece of fish. Periodically he'd get up and smell it, bat it around and then sit on it again. I finally threw it away.

Boudreaux's mother was rescued from a chicken farm and I guess her love of chicken was passed on to him. He loves chicken any way you fix it. Fish, not so much. Although fish in the aquarium are interesting. Go figure!


Boo is asking for beignets again. Maybe Sunday...if his blood sugar is still low. I know it's Lent, but we could eat them in celebration of our new Pope. Mom wants some too. So, the next time we're in Morven, I'll make a huge batch. Cajun food is just meant to be shared!

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  1. Love and blessings to you both.

  2. You have a great sense of humor. I enjoy your posts.

  3. Great takes!! Stopping by for the first time from the "take this" carnival. You have an inspiring blog.