Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Birthday to a Duck Loving Granddaughter

This has been one of Boo's difficult days.  He's been easily upset and confused.  I've kept a close check on his blood pressure and blood sugar levels...which are within normal limits by the way.  In an effort to calm him, we looked at photos on Facebook of grandchildren, listened to familiar music and audio books.  Usually those are comforting activities for his confused days...not today.

The only thing that seems to have "stuck" with him is that today is one beautiful granddaughter's ninth birthday.  When she was a tiny, little one, she enjoyed going to the park to see the ducks.  On the phone, Boo would quack at her.  Today when we talked about her birthday, Boo remembered quacking at her.  For the last ten hours, Boo has burst into loud renditions of Happy Birthday and quacking at random moments.  Boudreaux has been wary of this new practice and has given Boo lots of sidelong glances. 

Happy, happy birthday, Duckling!  Papa Boo loves you!

In the midst of caring for Boo today, I've accomplished very little packing.  To work, to work!

Word Art Wednesday, Share the Joy Thursday


  1. God bless Boo, and his precious heart. Happy Birthday to your dear granddaughter.

  2. Hi Kari! I am always SO INCREDIBLY BLESSED when you are able to stop by and fellowship with us. I love hearing that all is well with you, Boo and Bourdeaux. God is so good, and I praise Him for bringing you back to fellowship and share your art with us. May He continue to work in your lives, and may His precious name be lifted up and glorified in your home, in your hearts, and in your lives.
    Thanks for sharing with us this week!
    Word Art Wednesday

  3. Beautiful post and picture. I am just speechless. At moments like that I know I don't have to try and say anything. God bless you all. Thanks for joining us this week at WAW.