Friday, March 22, 2013

Quick Takes #18

North Carolina barbecue...Is there anything any better? 
OK, so there probably is.  I'm just in the mood for barbecue and at times like that, there is absolutely nothing better! 
Boo is under the mistaken belief that barbecue should have a sweet, very tomato-y base.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  North Carolina barbecue, at least in the Piedmont and southwestern parts of the state, have a tangy, vinegar-y base.  That's what I like. 
This Saturday the fire department in the little town where Mom lives is having a barbecue fundraiser.  Wouldn't you know it?  Just before we move there!  That barbecue is the very best I've ever tasted.  I mentioned that to Mother hoping she'd buy a pound or two to freeze until we arrive.  It seems that we're related to the wonderful people who make this delicious barbecue.  Wonder if we're the recipe sharing kind of relatives?
Boo has been quieter today than he was yesterday.  No singing or quacking.   He's been listening to an audio book, An Irish Courtship written by Patrick Taylor.  It's part of the Irish Country series about two Irish country doctors set in Ulster in the 1960's.  We've both thoroughly enjoyed this series.  The Audible version of it is read by John Keating whose wonderful accent just adds to our enjoyment. 
You know, one of the benefits of audio books is the narrators.  They can breathe life into the story.  I remember taking a story telling workshop and listening to three different storytellers tell the same story.  All three versions used the same words verbatim.  The delivery...ah, that was the difference.  All three evoked different emotions.  Book narrators can do the same.  (Narrators can also turn an interesting storyline into a deadly dull one too.  Just depends.  Audible lets you listen to a sample before you purchase which is helpful.)
Boudreaux, the fearless wonder cat, loves to guard Boo at all times.  Generally, this is a good thing and keeps both Boo and Boudreaux occupied.  Since he was a kitten, Boudreaux has enjoyed sitting on the edge of the bathtub "snoop-ervising" while Boo bathes.  This morning, Boo was out of the tub and dressing himself when we heard a splash.  Boudreaux had managed to fall in the tub and was busily splashing around in three or four inches of water looking wild eyed and terrified. 
I fished him out and wrapped him in a towel while laughing.  I suppose I shouldn't have laughed.  I lost my balance and fell backward in the tub.  (Aren't I the graceful one?)  Boudreaux jumped in Boo's lap and both of them stared at me.  Boo asked, looking very serious, "Couldn't you just have looked to see if all the water was out?" 
We've been praying the Divine Mercy chaplet at three in the afternoon almost daily this Lent.  For some reason this has been something Boo anticipates.  Originally we planned to pray the Stations of the Cross on Fridays.  Both times we tried, Boo got extremely upset.  So I tried the Divine Mercy chaplet in song because Boo remembers things that are put to music better.  It's worked.  This morning I awoke to Boo singing the chaplet.  He said he dreamed about singing it and just woke up singing it.  I wish I was actually the musical type.  So many things are easier for Boo to remember when he sings them.  (Is this something that's typical of others who've had strokes, I wonder?)
Fridays during Lent are meatless.   Actually, we follow that year round, not just during Lent.  Today Boo specifically asked for bean burgers.  Years ago, I used to make bean burgers.  Did he like them then?  Somehow, I thought he didn't.  I can't remember just what I did or which recipe I used.  We'll see how this turns out.  I've got beans soaking now, but no clear idea about the next step.  I do know we're having a fresh spinach salad and for dessert, peach yogurt.
I have a routine doctor's appointment later this morning.  A wonderful friend will come to sit with Boo while I'm away.  Given his confusion Wednesday, I'm wary of trying to take him all around a large teaching hospital.  I have a sneaking suspicion that he'd lose it somewhere and have a melt down.  It's bright, crowded, loud and well, just not Boo's kind of place.  Hopefully, this will be a quick in and out visit. 
Do you know that it's almost two am here? 
I thought it was much later.  Boo's had his morning oatmeal and is dressed for the day.  I'm dressed and have beans soaking.  Maybe, just maybe, we went to bed too early last night and woke too early this morning.  I'm so glad I checked the time before I gave Boo his morning medicines. 
Oh brother, I guess it's time for a little more sleep.  And time to reset the alarm...for the correct time this time.
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  1. Wow. It's only 1:40 a.m. here. :)

    #2: I am a fan of that series. I discovered it almost 4 years ago when Daniel was in the NICU and I needed reading material.

    #3: Too funny! Finian is my bath kitty.

    #5: I asked my mother-in-law for hers. I will email it to you if/when she responds. I remember mixing the beans with rice, cheese, and leftover veggies. It was a good "clean out the fridge" recipe.

  2. I'm with you on the barbeque. We can't get that type in Missouri.