Friday, August 24, 2012

Seven Quick Takes


This week has been a little easier than the last few have been. I don't think there has been much change really. We're just adjusting to Boo's new reality. Sometimes I guess that's the best that can be least, short term.

I did play my fierce mama bear card yesterday. After numerous calls to Boo's doctor with no results, this week I redoubled my efforts. I placed three calls daily Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday asking to have a doctor return my calls. No response. I emailed Boo's blood pressure, blood sugars and brief daily notes for the last two months to the medical practice. They were added to his online portal. No other response. Yesterday, as I was once again emailing Boo's vital signs and brief daily notes and requesting a referral to a geriatric neurologist, I noticed a complaint button. I followed the links and filed a complaint. Amazingly I actually received a call from his assigned doctor...a rather irate call, but a call nonetheless. Finally, Boo has an evaluation with a geriatric neurologist scheduled in the next few weeks!!!


I've got dough rising for cinnamon swirl bread at 5:30 this morning. For someone who's not a morning person, that's quite an accomplishment. Although as mixed up as Boo's days and nights are, who knows what my body considers morning anymore. A little later today I think I'll make yogurt in the crock pot.


Boo is an a Turner Classic Movie roll this week. I've lost count of all the old movies we've watched. OK, I didn't really watch many of them. I did listen to them. There really is a big difference in current movies and those twenty or more years old. Maybe they're more sanitized, less realistic than what is generally produced today, but they also have clear morals...many times anyway. I find that refreshing. This is not a critique of modern movies. I just seem to like older ones for myself. Perhaps because I'm old?


Boo is getting interested in social media. I understand his fascination with Facebook. Children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins and siblings post photos and brief updates that he enjoys. Facebook can be a useful tool when Boo is confused at times. Boo's fascination with Twitter and Pininterest has me stumped. I do have accounts on both, though I just don't try to keep up with either. Time is an issue. That and other priorities. Is this Boo's safe way to explore the world now? He doesn't have to leave home and can approach these media on his own terms...through me admittedly as he just can't seem to understand how to use a computer or cell phone.


I talked to one of my roommates from college last night. She went sky diving last Saturday. Never, never, never have I wanted to jump out of a plane and hurl toward the earth. Nothing about it seems like a good idea for me. Evidently, Kathy has always wanted to sky dive. How did I miss that? Photos of her adventure are on the way and I can't wait to see her floating above the earth, especially since I know she's safely landed with no broken bones. Did I mention she's already planning her next dive??? Boo finds this fascinating and thinks we should try it. Thanks a lot Kathy! Sky diving is NOT happening in this household.


Boo is on his oatmeal kick again. He ate three cups of oatmeal yesterday morning. Just a few minutes ago he ate another three cups. This time he also had fruit with it and a rice milk protein shake to go with it. No coffee for him these days. For a man who could, and often did, drink a whole pot of coffee by himself before work, this is a change. Now he doesn't remember liking coffee. On rare occasion, Boo will ask for a cup of coffee...and drink a few sips. Oh well...


The son of a friend of mine is trying to raise money to produce a Christian adventure film. I was impressed with his presentation and thought I'd share it. Of course, I remember him best as a somewhat shy, young child who allowed my just crawling daughter to use him as a mountain when we visited them years ago. He's grown into a fine young man.


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  1. good for you for playing your "mama bear" card. i've discovered ways of getting things done like that as well.

    i also agree -- no desire to jump out of a perfectly good airplane.