Friday, November 9, 2012

Fun Trip to ER

Boo is being treated for a previously inadequately treated UTI.  Now it's a kidney infection.  Imagine that! 

Boo has had IV antibiotics, extra fluids and additional medication for his blood pressure.  The ER was wonderful...very attentive, prompt and thorough.  Boo was terrified during his whole visit.  The staff did everything they could to make it as stress free as possible.  He  was moved to a private ER room with the lights dimmed.  Every staff member with whom we had contact was calm, quiet and gentle.  With one exception, all medical equipment was brought to Boo instead of transporting Boo to it.  I'm sure it helped although we saw no lessening of Boo's terror.

When Boo has an infection of any kind, his blood pressure is less stable and his dementia is more pronounced.  At home when I notice these indicators, I begin to earnestly search for underlying problems.  Sometimes I'm successful at discerning it.  Other times...well, then we have to just run tests and hope we can figure it out,  Boo tries to be helpful.  This time his suggestions about what was bothering him included:  "My hair, I think it hurts."  and  "My toes don't curl like they used to."   I wonder just how his toes used to curl?

Boo is at home now.  We're six minutes away from the hospital in traffic.  I timed it.  Boo has a heart monitor (temporarily) and a panic button that alerts the hospital and ambulance (two blocks away).  He is far calmer now.  Boo is curled up with his beloved cat.  Both Boo and Boudreaux were thrilled to see each other.  Boo is finally able to relax.  He's been telling his cat all about his ER experience in bits and pieces. 

Most of time I think that Boo does far better being treated at home where he's more comfortable.  One heals better when one can relax and feel safe.  With Boo's dementia that's a real concern.  I'm thankful that he was able to come instead of stay in the hospital.  I'm also grateful for hospitals when he needs them.

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