Friday, November 2, 2012

Seven Quick Takes


There are so many important issues being debated during this election on the national and state levels. Carefully consider the issues in the light of your beliefs. Pray, pray and pray some more. Then, vote.

After you vote, please keep praying for our country, for our leaders and for ourselves. We certainly need to exercise our right to vote and to be politically active. We are responsible to use all the weapons at our disposal. Even more, we need to continually lift our elected leaders up in prayer. Prayer is the most powerful weapon we have. God knows who and what we need far more than we do.

Two...On a lighter note, we've watched so many black and white movies the last few days that when a classic color movie came on tonight, Boo was amazed. He'd forgotten that movies came in color too. He was quite taken by this “new” invention and kept exclaiming, “Isn't it wonderful what they can do now?”

When I called my mother tonight, Boo had to tell her about color movies. Mother was amazed, “You get black and white shows?” It seems she wants to watch the old Perry Mason shows. Guess what I'm going to try to find for her for Christmas? That and find someone to connect her DVD player so that she can watch them. I certainly don't know how.

Three...Tonight I pulled out some glass Christmas balls to decorate. As usual Boo had to handle everything. I did caution him about the balls, but he's usually very gentle. Not tonight. Boo picked up a glass ball in each hand and squeezed before I could do anything. Two broken balls...which is fine. Two scratched palms...not so fine. After carefully cleaning his hands and pouring peroxide on them to bubble out any slivers of glass, I put antibiotic ointment on them and wrapped them in gauze.

As soon as we went back to the bedroom, he picked up another ball. That one I was able to retrieve without further mishap. Guess who won't be using glass balls this year? Instead I'll pull out fabric and crocheted ornaments. I can't remember what we have now. Oh well...

Four...Last night Boo dictated a list of things for which he's thankful. Among the expected items, he threw in a few surprises. He's thankful for the fuzzy bath mat because it feels good under his feet. He's thankful for being able to count so that he can find his way around the house. (A technique he was taught when his vision began to fail.) He's also thankful for plastic (no idea why), for mushrooms and for neighbors who are quiet (in our neighborhood that would be everyone.)

Five...While praying the rosary this week, Boo has been specifically praying for one person with each Hail Mary. That was entirely his idea. He thoroughly enjoys it and is usually able to pray two decades at once instead of one. At home Communion this week, he caught everyone off guard doing this at the point where we usually pray a Hail Mary. He almost shouted the name of the person he wanted to pray for particularly...which brought everything to a complete halt until I could explain what he'd begun to do. I'm so glad the Eucharistic minister is so flexible and has a strong heart.

Six...We are out of oatmeal. To you, this might not be a disaster. To Boo, it certainly is. Oatmeal is his comfort food. Tonight when he wanted oatmeal for a bedtime snack, I realized that we were completely out. How did I manage to miss that? He ate some whole wheat bread that we made last night with peanut butter and jelly. Boo was not a happy camper. Tomorrow, I'll buy oatmeal---three large canisters instead of two. Of course, as soon as I stock up, he'll be interested in something else.

Seven...I cut Boo's hair this week and did a reasonably passable job. For those who don't know, hair cutting in any form is not my talent. When my daughter was in grade school, I decided to save money and trim her bangs. Do you remember the super short bangs that were popular in the 1950's? Well, that's how hers looked when I finally finished. Totally not the look I intended nor the one she wanted. I think that was the first time I “ruined her life.”

Boo has refused to go to the barber shop or beauty shop to have his hair cut. He's terrified of strange people with scissors. He doesn't like the bright lights. The sound of clippers scares him. And leaving home for such an unnecessary task is unthinkable. So, I finally watched some You Tube videos and did it myself. I just can't imagine Boo in a ponytail and we were rapidly reaching that point.

Bonus: Let's remember all those who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy on the east coast.

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