Monday, January 31, 2011

Home Again!

18 January 2011

This is an overdue post. Boo has been home about two and a half days now. Make that two and a half VERY busy days. He was discharged on Sunday. Monday morning his RN from the home health agency, Cathy, came and we went over all his medications. She set up PT and OT evaluations. We discussed safety issues, diet and basic care. This is certainly not the first time we’ve been through this process and yet I still have questions. She also helped us deal with a minor reaction to his medications.

Our daily life is moving very slowly right now. Everyday things are taking quite a toll on his strength. Just sitting up to eat breakfast today was an effort for him. He took a shower this afternoon and is now exhausted. I haven’t shaved him yet. All things in time, I guess.

Boudreaux is very protective of Boo. He believes his purpose in life is to supervise all aspects of Boo’s care. He watches Boo eat and “talks” to Boo if he gets distracted. During Boo’s shower today, Boudreaux eased himself into the far corner of the shower to watch. If I leave Boo too long---folding clothes, preparing a meal, getting myself dressed, the cat fusses at me and runs back to Boo. I never thought this cat would become so attached to Boo nor Boo to the cat.

Tomorrow is Boo’s first appointment with his family doctor since his hospitalization. I’ve prepared all I can for this excursion: discharge papers from the hospital, all medications, Boo’s daily log of blood pressure and glucose readings, a snack, a change of clothes, my list of questions, and his rolling walker. Before bed, I’ll get out tomorrow’s clothes. These ordinary outings just don't feel very ordinary anymore.

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