Monday, January 31, 2011

Daily Routine

25 January 2011

Well, we’re back in the daily grind---nursing visits, occupational therapy visits, physical therapy visits, going for doctor visits, medication six times a day, small meals and snacks five times a day, laundry and other mundane household chores and organizing, always organizing. It seems like a treadmill with no end in sight sometimes. Still, with organization, routine and persistence---none of which come easily to me, I think we can have a great home life.

Last night I picked up A Mother’s Rule of Life, by Holly Pierlot. Admittedly Holly’s book is geared toward young mothers, but there were many wonderful ideas that I think I can incorporate into our life that will enrich and bless us. After reading parts of it to Boo, he asked to start the day with a decade of the rosary. Usually when we discuss things, I have to prod him to participate. This time he had quite a few ideas of his own. We came up with a tentative schedule. Let me stress that this is only a tentative schedule. Boo tires very easily and is still easily overwhelmed. So I must adapt to his needs---and right now they seem to change on a daily basis.

This morning we prayed a decade of the rosary, had omelets and whole wheat herb bread and Boo had a bath (still a major ordeal). Now, he’s resting and I’ve cleaned the kitchen, started lunch, cleaned the bathroom, started laundry and made the necessary phone calls for today. The only snag so far has been Boo’s apprehension about having a new physical therapist today. His last one moved. Everyone this home health agency has sent has been great. So, based on past experience this therapist will likely be good also. Unfortunately, logic doesn’t work so well when emotions are involved and Boo will likely need some more reassurance when he wakes.

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