Tuesday, January 11, 2011


     We've received just over six inches of beautiful, beautiful snow and a thin crust of ice.The picture of the church, I took yesterday as the snow was falling.  Because we anticipated snow and ice and because my sister is away for a few days, Boo and I are with my mother. It's so much easier to keep tabs on Mom without having to get someone to stay with Boo while I run three blocks several times a day to make sure she's OK. Mom has actually been just fine. All I've really done that she couldn't was get her newspaper and take out the trash.
     Boo misses going out in the snow. He must watch from inside and that has been difficult for him. He wants to go out and do all the things he used to do---shovel the walks and driveway, feed the birds, take out the trash. The ice presents a major safety issue for him. So, inside he stays.
      Boo and Mom have kept each other company. While checking on Mom's cat this afternoon, I heard the two of them laughing in the den. Given Mom's normal propensity for jokes, I was NOT asking what was funny. I'm just grateful they enjoy being together.
     Although I left Boudreaux at home, he does enjoy playing in the snow. The picture of him coming up the steps was taken yesterday afternoon before any ice. I went home to check on him (and the house) and let him out to play. I know cats are not supposed to like snow, but he seems to. He likes to run, kick up the snow and growl at it or lick it and shake his head. Yesterday I finally had to pick him up and make him come inside. Boudreaux is a strange little cat.
     The last picture is Boo and Mom a couple of weeks ago at a restaurant. The two of them are dangerous together! There have been times when Boo has been discouraged or just very quiet. A little while around Mom and he's perked up---or maybe he's just wondering what kind of crazy family he's married into.

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