Monday, January 31, 2011

Working Out a New Routine

30 January 2011

We are slowly working out a routine that gives Boo both the stimulation and the rest that he needs and sometimes allows me to get all the little household things done that pile up so quickly. Mornings are not Boo’s best time of day. He is groggy and easily upset by new things---a different physical therapist, an unexpected appointment, even deviled eggs with paprika on top. (Maybe I’d not made them that way before, who knows!) We have breakfast, Boo’s first round of medication for the day, morning prayers and then, if all goes well, Boo will “listen” to an audio book or TV. That is my time to get as many of my household chores completed as possible. You know, all those little things that have to be done and simply won’t do themselves---laundry, changing bed linens, preparing meals and snacks, paying bills, cleaning the bathroom. If Boo is upset or agitated, I read to him or try to interest him in the cat or bread baking, whatever comes to mind and works.

Afternoons Boo is usually ready for some exercise and stimulation. We take a short walk. He’s only up to a half to three quarters of a block right now. If it’s nice outside, we’ll listen to the birds or watch Boudreaux while Boo rests. Then, if he hasn’t done his physical therapy exercises in the morning, we do them then. Back inside, he has a half sandwich and a serving of fruit or a small salad and a breadstick and his third round of medication. Boo definitely naps between now and about five thirty.

In the evenings, I try to keep things VERY calm. We have a small supper and talk, play with Boudreaux, listen to an audio book or do something quiet together. No matter what else, I try to eliminate all unexpected or loud activities. Boo cannot adjust himself to change or noise easily at night.

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