Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Boo has made major progress with stamina and far more quickly than any of us had anticipated. Yesterday, after walking no more than three quarters of a block daily since his last hospitalization, Boo walked a total of four and a half blocks! He wanted to go with me to check on my sister’s pets, two and a quarter blocks each way. I thought it was probably too much too soon, but arranged with a cousin to be ready to pick us up when he’d gone as far as he could. One of the things I’ve learned is to allow Boo to try as much as he wants---with appropriate safeguards. If he doesn’t succeed, he has at least tried and we can usually figure out how to better enable him to reach his goals. I am SO proud of him.

Boo’s occupational therapist updated his upper body exercises today. In about a week he’ll have them memorized and will do them himself. He does his seated physical therapy exercises daily without reminders. Boo is determined to all that he can on his own and has an awesome attitude. I did make 5x7 cards with his new exercises on them---though their main purpose is to remind him to remind me to work with him until he memorizes them. His vision usually prohibits him from reading anything.

After all Boo’s walking yesterday, I was prepared for a rough night. Usually he is confused at night when he’s over worked himself and I was ready. We had an extremely calm, quiet evening following our night time routine and I had medication ready for anxiety (which he didn’t need.) We need days like today to bolster our spirits sometimes.

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  1. I'm lovin' the beard, Dad! Your face was made for one! Love you.