Thursday, February 17, 2011

Necessary Medical Information

Alright Patty, this is for you. Here is all the basic information you need when you call an ambulance, go to the ER or a new doctor. When you’re dealing with a sick child (or spouse) and you’re upset too, it is so much easier to have all the important information right in front of you. I use a Home Health notebook for day to day information, a Medical Information notebook for emergency and new medical providers and several flash drives with medical information (easier to stash in a purse than a notebook.)

Home Health Notebook

Daily Log sheets

Current Medication List

Medical Provider Phone List

Calendar pages to record appointments

Boo’s Home Health Notebook is my brain. All the information I need when talking to Boo’s doctors or his home health nurse is at hand. On his Daily Log sheets, I record his BP and glucose readings, the exact times he takes his medications, physical and occupational therapy exercises completed and anything else I think needs to be recorded. The absolute minimum that must be recorded daily for Boo is 3 BP readings, 1 glucose reading, the exact times medication is given and exercises completed. I also record any behavior that is abnormal for him. From time to time, I have recorded his intake and output---if he is confused for more than a day, runs a fever, etc. If he has nausea or diarrhea, I’ll take several glucose readings during the day to ensure that his blood sugar remains as constant as possible.

Medical Information Notebook

Medical History

Current Medication List

Medication Changes within the last 6 months

Medical Provider List with complete contact information

Family Medical History

Medical Power of Attorney form, notarized copy

Living Will or Right to Life form, notarized copy

Copy of insurance cards, front and back

Copies of medical tests for last 6 months

Medical Information Flash Drive

Same information that is in the notebook

At the hospital or a new doctor’s office, all the basic information that is generally needed is right in the notebook or flash drive. Of course, copies of medical tests need to be obtained from the original source. The copies in the notebook provide immediate information---that has been very useful for Boo when it took longer than expected to get records during a past hospitalization. About the NC Medical Power of Attorney, Living Will and Right to Life forms: (1) They must be notarized. (2) There is a website for filing these forms with the state. Filing them is not required, but would provide medical providers immediate access.

I also have all the information in his Medical Info notebook saved on a flash drive as jpeg or Word documents that I keep in my purse. If we are away from home and Boo needs medical care, most hospitals can download information from your flash drive.

Emergency Backpack

Medical Information Notebook

Complete change of clothes for Boo

Comb, toothpaste, toothbrush, denture cleanser and adhesive


CD/Walkman (not sure what it’s called)


2 or 3 CDs

Spare phone charger

Extra pair of socks for me

Sunflower seeds

A few dollars (Our local hospital doesn’t accept ATM cards.)

1 Junk food book (You know one of those books you can pick up and read with no concentration required.)

I keep Boo’s Medical Information Notebook in his ER backpack so that I always know exactly where it is. We store his backpack in the sunroom closet, filled and ready. I do try to remember Boo’s Home Health Notebook on the way out the door because that gives his daily information.

A word to the wise about calling 911:

Be sure to have not only your physical address written down, but also the closest intersection. It’s amazing what you can’t remember when you’re upset! I’d post an emergency info card by each phone so you’re always prepared.

I’ll try to post forms and links as soon as I can.  Hope this helps!

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