Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lazy Day---for one of us!

23 February 2011

Boo has managed to sleep until 11:00 this morning. He woke to take his 7:00am medication and eat a light breakfast. Then he decided to go back to bed while I caught up on a few chores. I neglected to set an alarm to remind myself to awaken him. Here it is 11:00 and I am definitely having trouble convincing him to GET UP. He wants to sleep a little longer. When lunch is almost ready, he must tear himself out of bed. He’s due a second round of meds at noon and needs to eat before taking them.

Yesterday Boo began rolling his left foot towards the inside when he stands or walks. His left side is the most affected by his last two strokes. Until now, his left-sided weakness only manifested itself when he was tired or sick. At those times he is prone to drag his left foot when walking, have difficulty lifting his left foot to dress himself and, once in a while, bumps into things---as though he is less aware of his left side. Neither his physical therapy assistant nor I can determine what is causing this new issue. All the usual culprits---elevated or abnormally low BP or glucose levels, overexertion, illness---don’t seem to apply. Tomorrow Boo has an appointment with his primary care doctor. I guess she’ll evaluate this then. His physical therapist will visit either tomorrow or Friday to see what she thinks can be done to correct his foot turning.

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