Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Inner Ear Problems

10 February 2011

This has been a difficult week. Beginning late Friday night, Boo has had major issues with balance. Saturday and Sunday were the worst days he’s had so far---walking just a few feet in the house required a gait belt and a walker. He complained of being dizzy and “weak in the knees.” After talking to the on-call nurse for his home health and determining that his BP, temperature and blood sugar were normal, we decided to wait until Monday morning to visit his family doctor.

His family doctor ran a few tests and spent an hour, on and off, with Boo. She took the time to ask him questions, wait for his response and then ask for clarification. I was properly impressed. Questioning Boo like that and allowing time for him to recoup between questions, she elicited more information from him than I had. She determined that he probably had benign vertigo.

Boo is better than he was over the weekend. Balance is still a problem, but he is using his cane instead of the walker inside while he is awake. When he gets up after going to bed, he needs his walker. His wonderful physical therapy aid and occupational therapist have really worked with balance and safety this week. Boo seems to respond well to them. When they suggest---strongly---that he use a walker at night and first thing in the morning, he willing does so.

Until his balance is resolved, Boo requires more vigilant care and more help than usual. I need to stay very close so that I lend a hand every time he stands or walks. Boo does ask for help when he realizes that he needs it. He just doesn’t always realize he needs help quickly enough for me to respond unless I'm close by. I guess ALMOST falling a few times has made him more cautious.

On a very positive note, Boo’s A1C level is 5.8. Last August it was 6.1. In December of 2007, after his first stroke, his A1C was 8.1. Following an appropriate diet, taking his medication as prescribed and exercising has made a difference. Yeah Boo!

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