Tuesday, February 15, 2011


15 February 2011

We just came home from our second visit to Boo’s family doctor in two weeks and he’ll see her again next week. Vertigo is no fun---and I’ve never had it. Boo is definitely less stable now than he was two weeks ago. I appreciate his doctor’s attentiveness and the time she takes electing information from him. It’s possible that the combination of his nightly stuffy nose, brain damage from his three strokes and his medications are all contributing to his intermittent vertigo. She has prescribed a mild nasal spray to help alleviate one possible problem. We’ll see…

This past week has been very difficult. Boo absolutely doesn’t like feeling like he is going backwards, but this dizziness has shaken him. He is so unstable first thing in the morning and just before bed, that he needs both a gait belt and a walker. There have been several days when Boo was unable to do his standing exercises because of his balance. He still does his seated exercises. With his physical therapist, Boo has worked out a series of exercises he can do in bed. Thank you Jamie! He is so much more content when he is able to exercise. It also helps strengthen muscles that he isn’t using as much right now.

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