Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cold, Wet and Rainy

4 February 2011

All this lovely, needed rain is definitely putting a damper on Boo’s outdoor walks. Were wet, slippery surfaces not a major safety risk, we’d bundle up and walk anyway. We did attempt to walk on our large, covered front porch earlier. While the porch floor is wet, there is good traction. Unfortunately, Boo kept trying to maneuver off the porch. When that man is determined to take a walk, he is DETERMINED!!! He has repeatedly told me this morning, “I’m got to keep getting better. I’m going to take a walk for endurance.” I admire his determination and his attitude. Just now I wish he could grasp the wisdom of waiting. Even in dry weather, Boo’s balance is precarious on uneven surfaces. With rain added to the equation, I’m not willing to risk it.

Boo will repeat his physical therapy exercises later today to attempt to make up for missing his morning walk. Right now, he’s sweeping the floors with a carpet sweeper---and he is happy. I had started vacuuming and Boo tried to take over. The vacuum is unwieldy and he couldn’t manage it, which was very frustrating for him---just one more thing he can’t do. However, the carpet sweeper is lightweight and perfect for him. He can even use his cane and still maneuver it. Why didn’t I think of this before now? It provides a way for Boo to be genuinely helpful and eliminates one of my chores. Now I must remember to keep the sweeper charged…


Boy, oh boy, am I in trouble---and this time I’m innocent! It’s been raining all day. Both Boo and Boudreaux are upset with me. One keeps hopefully presenting good reasons to take a walk. The other looks out the window, looks at me and fusses. According the news, we’ve gotten 2 inches of rain today. That’s two inches that we really need. So, my two fussy young men are just going to have to deal with it.

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