Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dentist Visit

     Well, the good news is that nothing appears to be wrong with Boo's dentures and he's quit taking them in and out several times daily.  The bad news is that the dentist was definitely a BAD experience.  The dentist was impatient and yelled at Boo.  Naturally, we will never return there.  I wish there was a way that we as patients could rate medical professionals---ability to communicate with patient and family, time spent waiting in office for scheduled appoiintment, professionalism of office staff, knowledge of community resources and follow up with test results or patient questions.  I am more than willing to work with many less than ideal situations.  Knowing patient identified strengths and weakness of different doctors, medical practices and hospitals would help me be aware of what I need to follow up on myself.  For example, if there tends to be a long wait time in the doctor's office, I can schedule appointments first thing in the morning.  If follow up on test results is an issue, I know to ask how long it usually takes to get the results and then call myself.  Some things are not negotiable.  I expect a professional to behave in a professional manner.  I expect the doctor or nurse to be able to clearly communicate with Boo and with me.  I expect an effort to communicate with Boo.  Some days he can communicate better than others, but he needs to be acknowledged.  I expect to know what new medications are, hopefully, going to do and possible side effects (major ones).  I also expect either the doctor or the nurse to ask if there are any other issues or any questions.  End of complaints!  ***Most of Boo's doctors have been great.  There have only been a few really bad experiences.

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