Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Long Night for Boo

     Last night was difficult for Boo.  He was restless and uneasy.  Even with medication to help him rest, he woke frequently and wanted assurance that everything was alright.  His blood pressure and glucose readings were both within normal limits.  He wasn't particularly hungry or thirsty---although he did finally agree to eat some yogurt and three peanut butter crackers about 3:00am.  He had no pain anywhere.  Who knows?
     This morning Boo took his dentures out four times.  There are no visible sores or blisters in his mouth and he says his dentures aren't bothering him.  Because  Boo can't always tell me what's bothering him, I try to pay attention to what he does.  I made an appointment for him to see a dentist.  It took three different dentists before I found one willing to examine Boo and take his disabilities into consideration.  Having learned the hard way that many medical professionals are (sadly) not very considerate of patients with disabilities, I question new doctors BEFORE they see Boo.  It's easier to avoid an unnecessary bad experience than to deal with the aftermath.  Tomorrow Boo will see the dentist.

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