Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tying Shoes

     One of the things that Boo has been unable to do for himself since his second stroke is tie his shoes.  To facilitate self dressing, I've bought shoes that fasten with Velcro---and that usually works quite well.  Today I was making  Montessori inspired dressing blocks for a friend's toddler.  Boo picked up the one for lacing and tying.  After tying several knots in the laces (I have great difficulty untying knots!), he has retaught himself to tie his shoes.  OK, this may not seem like a great advancement, but I think it is.  He's had to develop the fine motor skills to physically tie bows again and, most difficult for him, he's had to learn to feel the laces rather than depend on seeing them as his vision continues to worsen.  Progress is made one small step at a time.

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