Monday, May 16, 2011

An Eventful Night

     Boo and I spent last night at Mom's house while she's away.  I thought I'd get more sleep if I set her security system so that I'd know if Boo openned an outside door.  (Usually he stays in at night, but he's been getting up during the night and watching TV or listening to an audio book.  Once in a while he'll head out the door.)  He set the alarm off twice after midnight last night.  Now he's afraid to touch the outside doors at Mom's because the alarm might sound.
     This morning Boo had an appointment with his family doctor.  Because his BP is so low now (What a change!), she eliminated another BP medication.  He was very alert and talkative---probably the first time the doctor has seen him like that.  Since Boo had the renal stint put in, we've been able to eliminate two of his BP medications and reduce the ammount of two others.  However, he has lost ten pounds since it was put in also.  His lack of appetite may be related to his lowered BP.  So, I'll work on increasing his caloric intake and reducing mine. 
     In two weeks, Boo will another appointment to reevaluate his medications for his blood pressure and also for dementia.  Before his family doctor makes further changes, she wants to talk to his cardiologist and his neurologist.  We'll see...

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