Monday, May 2, 2011

A Sad Day

     This is a quiet day for Boo.  He's easily confused right now and twice in the last four hours has cried because "I can't remember things I know."  Boudreaux and Peggy Sue have taken turns sitting in Boo's lap.  Both of them seem to sense when he needs comfort and both are very good about accepting Boo rubbing their fur the wrong way or hugging them.  My job today is to help Boo reorient himself or distract him if he can't focus enough to reorient himself.  I have offered Boo medication to help calm him several times today, but he didn't want it.  Almost always he'll ask for medication when he realizes he's upset or confused---or at least accept it if I offer it.  After supper and a shower, I think it will be time for some medication unless things improve.
     I can't really imagine being confused as Boo often is.  It must be even more difficult to be confused and to be aware that you're confused.  There have been a few times when he seems to be grieving for the loss of his memory.  Today is one of those times.  Boo has accepted and learned to cope with so many disabilities---loss of sight, using a cane or walker, etc.  His attitude has been awesome through everything.  He's certainly entitled to grieve as he needs.  My concern is that he not become so bogged in sadness that he can't function. 
     On a brighter note:  Boo's blood pressure is still well under control.  In fact, his blood pressure tends to rise when he gets confused.  Today that did not happen.  

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