Friday, July 20, 2012

7 Quick Takes

Yesterday I thought we were back to normal. Maybe not so fast. Boo is confused and not too interested in eating---although he will eat with LOTS of encouragement. I'll be so glad when Boo is seen by a new medical practice soon. Boo needs the continuity of care that comes from having just one or two family doctors who oversee everything, not different doctors doing disjointed things.

Meanwhile, life is interesting. Take a look at what is happening here today....


This occurred at 2:45 this morning when I am not at my best.

“Hey, are you awake?”

“Well, I wasn't. But since you're nose to nose with me, I guess I am now. What's on your mind?”

“I'm hungry.”

“And what would you feel like eating?” Actually, since he's been rather picky about his food the last few days, I'll prepare whatever he wants.

“I want a peanut butter hot dog.”

OK, I didn't see that one coming and I'm wide awake now too.

“A what????”

“You know, a peanut butter hot dog...without mustard.”

Thank goodness he doesn't want mustard and peanut butter! Does he want a hot dog or a peanut butter sandwich or a hot dog with peanut butter?

“Ummm...well, do you want a boiled hot dog or a fried one?

“It's in the jar with a red lid!”

Well, he must want a peanut butter sandwich. I'll bring sugar free jelly on the side. To be safe, I'll use a hot dog bun.


When it was time for his morning medications, we had a blue pill issue.  He definitely wanted one.

“There are no blue pills prescribed for you."

“Well, that's what I want.”

After much discussion, he finally agreed to swallow his medication if I immediately made blue oatmeal.

I know, I know. It sounds awful. Just so you know, it looks as bad as it sounds. Still, it's a decent exchange---a few drops of blue food coloring added to his oatmeal for him to willingly swallow his pills.


“KARI, come quick!”

I dropped everything and ran.

“Look, Boudreaux's watching TV with me.”

Indeed he was. They both like The Andy Griffith Show. Not an emergency, but I never really know.


“May I take your blood pressure?”

“Do I have a choice?”

“Yes, we can wait thirty minutes if you'd rather.” Choices are important and he does need to feel some control even over the many mundane everyday things.

“No, now. Let's just get it over with.”

“144/72. That's pretty good.”

“That's not my blood pressure. You took Boudreaux's.”

I decided to ignore that. And anyway, just how do you take a cat's blood pressure?


“Well, what?”

“Aren't you going to take my blood pressure?”

He was sounding rather irritated now. So, I took his blood pressure again.


“How about a shake?”

Boo had oatmeal this morning, but he needs protein and will usually accept a protein shake.

“I think I want a licorice shake.”

“Licorice? I don't think I can do that.” I've never heard of a licorice shake and I don't have licorice flavoring or anise.

“Oh well, I'll settle for chocolate shake with rice milk. And a candy bar.”

“Nice try. No candy bars, but I think you could have a couple of mini muffins.” It helps to freeze mini muffins for times like this. They thaw in the microwave in less than thirty seconds.

This sounds like a great snack, but Boo only drank two ounces of his shake and ate half of one mini muffin.


The refrigerator died. It looks fine, but has been pronounced DOA. While this isn't a major issue, today just isn't the day for that kind of kink. In the process of pulling the refrigerator away from the wall, a job that requires two strong people, I discovered mold on the baseboards and floor. Ick!!!

I had some mildew cleaner in a spray bottle and bleach. I began cleaning...and remembered a basic chemical absolute. Never mix ammonia and bleach! I opened windows and doors, hustled Boo outside in the shade under the watchful eye of a young friend and began repairing my mess. Mostly, I've begun making my own cleaning supplies so that I know exactly what I'm using. I think white vinegar and hot water would have been just as effective and far less toxic.

By the way, the new refrigerator has arrived and is in place. This one easily moves away from the wall! Yeah!!! No more mold behind the fridge. Now, as soon as it's cold, I'll stock it.

Boo's sole comment on this whole situation was, “You sure can make a mess!” Very true. During the time he was outside, he was fine as long as Boudreaux stayed beside him. Our friend said Boo wasn't sure what was happening, but seemed to be reassured by the cat's presence. And she got him to drink the rest of his protein shake and two glasses of water.


After the refrigerator incident, my mother called. I handed the phone to Boo so that I could rescue our fearless tiger cat from the new fridge. Boudreaux seems to consider it an unwanted intruder and has been circling the front of it hissing and spitting with occasional howls thrown in for good measure.

As I passed by Boo on the way to the bedroom to deposit our unhappy cat, I heard Boo ask my mother, “Did all the hair grow over your horns yet?” And I was taken back...

When Boo had his second stroke, he and I had not been married two months. I was terrified and really wasn't handling his hospitalization with much grace.  Mother was driving well at that point and came to see him in ICU and calm me down.

The morning Mother arrived, Boo was not talking to anyone. He seemed to understand what was said, but couldn't talk. Mother settled herself into a chair near his bed. Boo looked over at her and with a straight face said, “You know, you've got hair over your horns.” Mother was speechless and then started laughing until she cried. It's really rare for Mom to be speechless. Now, she and Boo tease each other about it.

7 Quick Takes Friday


  1. #4: The thought of having to take a cat's blood pressure cracked me up. I posed the question to my fluffy cat and he gave me a rather withering expression like "Don't even think of it, Mommy!"

    #7: Daniel has been looping the headband for Jon's kaffia around my head so I've been walking around with a "halo" for a few weeks.

    1. This morning Boudreaux knocked the blinds down over our bed...and jumped on my head trying to escape and look innocent. He hasn't acted like this ever, even as a kitten. I threatened to do far worse than take his BP. He, of course, just looked at me and blinked.
      How does it feel to have a halo? The only way I'll have one is if my horns support it.