Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Snippets

This week I'm sharing three short posts. 

The first is Learning and Teaching.  The snap shot is an old one of my father reading to my daughter.  In talking to one of my young relatives this week, I realized again the responsibility we have to teach our faith to our children. 

The second post, What Makes Me Happy?, was written on a day when I needed to concentrate on my blessings.  When I have overwhelming days with little rest, I must take stock of my blessings...or become so mired down in the stresses of everyday that I'm no use to myself or others.  (I need to do this much more consistantly!)

The last post is Laughter.  It's only a short post because I'm rather busy today, but there's a larger post in my mind waiting to be written. 

Sunday Snippets

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