Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ten Songs That WON'T Put You to Sleep

Last night was one of those interesting nights at our house. Boo couldn't sleep. Well, actually, I guess he couldn't sleep. It's not like he actually tried. He was wide awake and wanted to stay that way. So, we did. Today we've had a late start because we're old and old people just don't get that adrenaline rush to help you through the rest of the day that we got when we were younger. Nowadays my body just laughs at me...and collapses.

What did we do in the middle of the night? Well, we tried out a deck of large print playing cards that I bought over a year ago. Boo wanted to play poker. So we did. By his rules. Rules that changed depending on the hand he was dealt. At least, that's the way it seemed to me. I kept losing all my poker chips.

Then we listened to songs on You Tube for hours. These were Boo's ten favorites.

This was the only video Boo actually watched.  The others were for listening only.  This very special video features his daughter, Katie.  Doesn't she have a wonderful voice? 

Boo knew all the words to this and sang with gusto.  You just can't keep a Cajun down!

This young group from Lafayette, Louisiana is another of Boo's favorites.

Always a favorite!  Boo usually talks about family gatherings during his childhood when they sang, danced and just had a good time. 

OK, so it's not Christmas.  The authentic Cajun accent thrills Boo.  I lost count of the number of times we listened to this.

I think this was recorded when the Saints won the Superbowl.  Boo just likes this particular rendition.

Definitely another of those wonderful Southern songs you just have to enjoy.  Boo loves the fiddles.

An old song with catchy lyrics that Boo revels in singing. 

Another oldie that Boo likes.  I first heard this song on a juke box in 1999. 

Guess who was  supposed to like this song?  Just so you know Boudreaux didn't think much of it.  He thought everyone should be asleep and didn't appreciate Boo trying to sing it to him.

I think I figured out why Boo didn't even try to sleep last night.  None of this is going-to-sleep music.  Oh well...

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