Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ten Things Dementia Cannot Do

Dementia can take so much away from Boo at times---his memories, his ability to function independently. His life has changed and changed dramatically in the last few years. This week end Boo and I talked about just how limited dementia really is. Several times he told me, “Dementia may be my cross, but it isn't me.”

It all started when I read him a poster about how limited cerebral palsy is. He thought about it and started talking. For once, I had a pen and the back of a grocery list to scribble notes while he talked. Even living with Boo every day, I missed so many of the ways dementia has not changed him. I guess I never really thought about that aspect of it. Just the limitations.

Dementia cannot
...kill my enjoyment of the PRESENT.
...lessen the power of TOUCH.
...diminish my STRENGTH.
...overshadow my JOY.
...crush my LOVE.
...control my ATTITUDE.
...take away my LOYALTY.
...steal my SELF.
...destroy my FAITH.
...deny me ETERNAL LIFE.

Boo's list of ways dementia does not limit him may not apply to everyone with dementia. They may not all apply to him later. Dementia is a strange disease that affects everyone a little differently. We don't know what the future holds. We do know Who holds our future in His hands...and that makes all the difference. 
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  1. Beautiful reminder of how God gives us things in this world that can never diminish or perish regardless of circumstance. I wish I had this perspective when my grandmother and my husband's grandmother were experiencing this.

  2. A friend of mine had a grandmother with dementia and I cant wait to send her a link to this list - What an encouragement and a positive way to view this challenge in your lives. Blessings to you both!

  3. What a beautiful outlook on a difficult path! Stopping by from OYHT.
    Blessings on your day!

  4. So precious, God bless you both.

  5. This is a wonderful post and a wonderful reminder. We traveled dementia with my grandmother, and it is so true. It may have taken her words, but it didn't take her eyes... how she looked at us never changed. Thank you for sharing Boo's words. ~ Stephanie

  6. Dear Boo and Kari,
    I have visited once before and was blessed then by what I read. I am feeling blessed again, and it occurred to me to ask you if you would consider sharing your insightful and touching posts on 'Encourage One Another' every Wednesday. I would love you to link-up weekly so others in the community can learn about being compassionate and tender-hearted toward others. It just may help prepare someone for this in their life.

    Blessings to you both!
    Grace and peace in Jesus,

  7. Wonderful things to remember about so many issues.

  8. I agree with Boo's list. My mom developed dementia from a combination of diabetes and abnormal DNA in a particular area of the brain, the latter of the two which I have inherited. She lost short term memory but was able to recognize us until the end. We knew what she wanted to say even when she couldn't find the words but knew what she wanted to express.

    The University of California at Irvine has done tests using niacinamide (a form of B3) and discovered that it reverses dementia, including Alzheimers. I started on it to clear the fibromyalgia fog in my brain and now my mind is sharp again. Most doctors are not aware of this, but I highly recommend it as it is cheap, you can't overdose on it, and it works. I take 500 mg 2x daily but my doses were more often at the beginning. It takes up to 3 months to notice the positive changes in difficult cases of dementia, but I noticed improvement in one month. God bless you and Boo and never give up!

  9. This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.