Sunday, September 9, 2012

Up the Mountain

Digital alteration of an oil pastel of Boo, Christmas 2009 before his third stroke.

The way Jesus shows you is not easy.  Rather, it is like a path winding up a mountain.  Do not lose heart!  The steeper the road, the faster it rises to ever wider horizons.

Blessed John Paul II

 Boo really perked up when I read this quote from one of his favorite Popes tonight.  "That's really how it is.  It isn't easy, just like going up a mountain.  I don't understand why things happen and I get confused a lot of times.  But I have to keep on." 
This has been a good day for Boo.  Although he's prayed much of the day for Elizabeth and her family, for our family, for several friends who have continuing health problems and for one of my cousins who married today, he's been rather quiet otherwise.   When I questioned him several times today, it was obvious that he was reasonably well oriented.  Boo just wanted to be quiet, to stay focused on his goals. 
Once again, I can learn a lot from Boo.  Pray constantly.  Meditate quietly.  Remain focused on the truly important things.  Talk less. 

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  2. God bless Boo... and God bless you too.

    Lord, please be the lifter of Boos head in this deeply difficult situation... and I echo this prayer for all those who love and care for him too. AMEN

  3. Praying His grace and strength for Boo and for you!

  4. In my case, "talk less" is a good thing. I get too easily sidetracked and yammering.

    Good thinking, sharing.

  5. How marvelous for Boo to place first things first and foremost. There's a song with lyrics about being "under the spout where the glory comes out". Boo has found the spout. Glory to God, and peace for Boo and you.