Friday, June 29, 2012

7 Quick Takes

Boo asked to help with this post today. He's more talkative and coherent than he has been all week. Even minor infections seem to cause his dementia to be more pronounced. Today is a very good day.


These are my older granddaughters. Aren't they supposed to be smaller? They're beautiful and smart and very funny.


These are two of my younger granddaughters. They're beautiful and smart like their mother. Sorry Boo isn't giving their father any credit today. He's really a wonderful father.


Here are my son's children. Aren't they cute? I like that red hair! Boo has trouble seeing lots of things, but his grandson's red hair is definitely not one of those things. They're smart too. 
This is my four legged son, Boudreaux. He's my ring tail tiger cat. I don't think he really likes fish. I ran out of cat food one night this week and opened a can of sardines in oil for Boudreaux. Cats are supposed to like fish, right? Evidently not Boudreaux. He was most disturbed by that smelly stuff in his dish.
Boudreaux attacked the bush last night and knocked off all the flowers. Well, some of them anyway. We have no idea why he suddenly attacked the bush, but he really gave it quite a fight.
This was taken last night while Boo was watching Boudreaux outside.
This past week I had a time trying to figure out what cous cous and {ki yeah} was. I have no idea how to spell it yet. Boo was not feeling well and that's what he wanted to eat. In fact, that's all he wanted to eat. He couldn't tell me what it was. So, I had to investigate. I called a friend of ours who'd lived in Louisiana for years. He didn't know. I looked up Cajun recipes on the internet and found nothing that I thought might be what he wanted. I even called a restaurant with a chef from New Orleans. He was on vacation. One of Boo's sisters had heard of it, but didn't really know what it was. Another knew what cous cous was, but didn't think the boxed cous cous was what he really had in mind. She remembered their mother baking cornbread in a cast iron skillet, crumbling it, adding onions, peppers and leftover meat. That was it! At least that's the cous cous part. The {ki yeah} is thick buttermilk. Once I made the cous cous for Boo, he was able to explain the rest. Cajun comfort food!

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