Friday, May 11, 2012

Bathing Boudreaux

Our wet cat

       Have you ever bathed a cat? Years ago, I had a long haired white cat who was allergic to fleas and the flea medication available then. I bathed her every other week during flea season. Not a pleasant experience and she was very gentle!

       Boudreaux is, thankfully, not allergic to flea medication. He has had a few baths in the past. As a kitten he got into some fire ants TWICE and definitely needed a bath as quickly as I could get one ready. Recently Boudreaux has had an irritated chin. I didn't know whether he had fleas that I didn't see or whether he was allergic to his plastic food and water dishes.
       Today I actually saw a flea on him---and if I saw one, there are more. Before I could declare war on Boudreaux's flea, he disappeared inside the house. When he reappeared, he had a thick, black oily substance on his back. Definitely bath time! Boo cried. I was hurting his cat, etc. Boudreaux on the other hand was completely silent. Not a peep. Not a growl. Not a hiss. Not a single meow. Maybe he was in shock? Or terrified of what this crazy human might do next?

       Boudreaux has recovered and is busily grooming himself. All that beautiful red fur must be just perfect, you know. Boo, on the other hand, is absolutely furious with me. He alternately yells at me and refuses to speak to me. Oh well...

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  1. i have a tiger cat like boudreaux. the only difference is cullen (mr. ginger stripes) will attempt to kill me when bathing him. he's also afraid of everything so his nickname is "sissy stripes".