Monday, May 28, 2012

Home in Ten Words


  1. Loving
    Boo frequently comments on how loving our home is. Maybe it's just in the air?
  2. Bright
    Definitely bright. Typically I use the brightest wattage bulbs I can find and allow for lots of natural light. As far as Boo's concerned, the brighter, the better.
  3. Happy
    Boo is almost always happy. I think Boudreaux has something to do with that.
  4. Expressive
    Boo is a talker. Well, that used to be true of him all the time. Now, it's a little more difficult. Still, communication is a biggie for him.
  5. Nurturing
    We love each other. So, I guess it's only natural that we strive to have a nurturing home.
  6. Satisfying
    Boo is always most satisfied at home. He's become a real home body.
  7. Humorous
    Laughter is sprinkled throughout our day. Our philosophy is to laugh at our struggles and goofs. A little levity makes it all go easier.
  8. Beautiful
    OK, this is where you know he has a visual impairment. I want our home to be beautiful. The reality is that it is too cluttered for my tastes and not as decorated as I'd like. Maybe he's referring to the spirit of our home...
  9. Quiet
    Most of the time our home is quiet. Although when Boudreaux was “talking” to the fish early this morning, it was far from quiet. I thought someone was in the yard and Boudreaux was being a guard cat. Oh well, I don't think we need guarding from fish---especially at 5:45am.
  10. Alluring
    I have no explanation for this one at all.


  1. Welcoming
    I really want our home to be welcoming. This past week a visitor mentioned that she found our home very welcoming. So, maybe it is.
  2. Peaceful
    Definitely important to me. Life is too short to spend it arguing and in general disharmony.
  3. Lively
    OK, this probably does need explanation. Neither Boo nor I are hyper people. We do like lively conversations about life, great ideas, religion and politics. Do we agree? Usually not, otherwise one of us would be unnecessary.
  4. Busy
    At least in spurts. Too much busy-ness is detrimental to the peacefulness of our home.
  5. Caring
    For sure and certain we care about each other, our family and friends.
  6. Cuddly
    Well, maybe the house itself isn't cuddly. Our cat and Judy's cat are cuddly. Great for those unsettled times or just for pleasure.
  7. Optimistic
    Absolutely have to be. Being positive enables us to more easily find solutions to difficulties.
  8. Literary
    We're both readers. So, what else would you expect?
  9. Electronic
    This one concerns me sometimes. We have TVs, DVD players, cable boxes, e readers, laptop computers, desk top computers, food processors, blenders, bread makers, ice cream makers, cell phones, etc., etc. How much is enough? Do I really want to give up many of these gadgets? Probably not.
  10. Work in Progress
    Very definitely descriptive! We keep working on our home. It'll never be perfect, but it is ours and we love it.
Monday Listicles


  1. Optimistic and bright. Those are two wonderful words.

  2. Peaceful and lively? Sounds perfect. :) Ellen

  3. You home sounds lovely. I like how you each made a list. It sounds very inviting and with all the gadgets I would feel right at home :)

  4. Thank you! Rereading the lists, I realized peaceful and lively sound opposite. Maybe they are, but they do describe two elements of our home life that I treasure. As for gadgets, I have a love/hate relationship with them. I definitely feel like "less is more" in most cases, but I don't carry that out too well in my daily life.