Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mary's Month

In commemoration of Mary this month, Boo and I will be crafting coasters with a Marian theme. Boo has been asking to begin crafting again. After repairing office machines most of his life, he enjoys working with his hands. My difficulty has been finding adult crafts that he enjoys and is capable of doing. Limited sight and short term memory make many crafts unsuitable. We settled on embellished tile coasters this time.

Boo chooses the print and the quote for each coaster. I compose the design using The Print Shop software---very easy to use if you can manipulate a mouse. As it turns out, only one of the four designs I created meet with his approval. So, one down and three to go.

This is the design he likes...

Later this week, I'll post the other designs and directions for this simple craft. Does anyone have craft ideas for adults with limited sight and short term memory that aren't childish? I'd appreciate some new ideas!

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