Saturday, May 5, 2012

Company's Coming Corn Bread

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      Some days planning meals that are nutritious, tasty and meet Boo's dietary needs is a trial. He is diabetic and has high blood pressure. In addition, he has an unbelievable sweet tooth! (One day I'll have to share the recipes that I've concocted to meet his minimum dietary needs when he'll only eat sweets.) I try to provide him with a 1,800 to 2,000 calorie reduced salt, sugar free, carb conscious diet daily. The last couple of months his appetite has been rather spotty. So, some days I'll feed him almost anything just to get him to eat.
     Last week during one of our cool days, Boo reminded me of the corn bread that I used to bake on dreary days to eat with soup and a green salad. Admittedly, I haven't baked it for quite a while because it's just not compatible with his diet. I reexamined the recipe and made some substitutions. Instead of ground sausage, I used lean ground turkey and added poultry seasoning. I substituted plain yogurt for sour cream and found creamed corn with no added sugar or salt. I used a locally grown and prepared yellow corn meal mix. The consistency was a little too moist and I added an extra half cup of corn meal. Ideally, the batter should be a little thicker than cake batter.
     When my children were younger, I used to make these as muffins. They freeze well and reheat quickly in a microwave. Muffins take about 25 to 30 minutes to bake and this recipe makes eighteen regular sized muffins. I found that the muffins baked best without the paper liners. Just grease the individual muffin cups, bake, completely cool and freeze for thirty minutes on a baking sheet before placing them in a freezer bag.
     This week we're expecting temperatures in the 90's. I guess it's time to brush up on our smoothy recipes and to break out the table top ice cream maker. (Think sugar free frozen yogurt!)

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